Does your hairline grow back? -

Does your hairline grow back?

This is a question emailed to me by a reader, asking whether hair lost above the temples (in the receding hairline area) grows back. Or whether, once it’s lost, it’s lost for good. Here’s my answer…

Hair that’s been lost above the temples (in the receding hairline area) can never grow back. Once these hairs have completely stopped growing, they can never regrow because they’re too damaged.

However, it is possible to generate new hair follicles in the receded hairline area by breaking down the damaged tissue and hair follicles and provoking the scalp tissue to generate completely new hair follicles in that area.

When a hairline recedes, the hairs that used to grow in that area of the scalp become damaged due to scarring. The hair follicles become scarred due to inflammation in the scalp. As the scarring becomes worse the hairs gradually miniaturise because they are malformed and damaged. Eventually, they become so damaged, they can’t grow at all and the scalp becomes shiny and tight, with no hairs growing at all.

This is extremely common in men and much less common in women and usually results from androgen hormones and stress hormones, which lead to the inflammation in the scalp.

How to generate new hair follicles in a receded hairline

FGF9 for hair loss

In order to make new hair grow you will have to break down the scarred tissue and encourage new tissue to grow, including new hair follicles. To do this you can use a Dermaroller type device, which is designed to break down scar tissue causing new, healthy tissue to develop in its place.

During this process, you have to introduce growth factors to the tissue, including PTD-BDM, EGF, VEGF, FGF9, Cyclosporine-A and Bimatoprost. These growth factors, in simple terms, send chemical signals in the scalp, which makes the tissue generate new hair follicles.

Although this seems like an extremely complicated process, it’s actually very simple and can be performed at home by anyone, easily, with no medical experience.

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