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DS Laboratories Revita Shampoo Reviews

What it is

Revita hair loss shampoo
This product, a shampoo developed by DS Laboratories, has been designed to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss and uses natural ingredients in order to do so.

How it works

The shampoo targets hair follicles that are inactive and stimulates those follicles to produce strong and healthy hair once again. The product does this by using DHT blockers as well as natural ingredients such as Biotin and Emu oil.

Reasons for choosing it

Around $21 for 180ml

  • Contains ketoconazole, which kills the fungi that causes dandruff and other scalp conditions and is thought to promote hair growth in some individuals
  • Contains copper peptides, which may improve absorption of ingredients
  • Contains apple polyphenol, which may improve circulation in the scalp
  • Contains MSM, amino acids and biotin
  • Contains emu oil, which contains nutrients and may help nutrient absorption
  • Contains cysteine, the main component of hair (in terms of amino acid composition)
  • Contains taurine, which together with cysteine is thought to promote hair growth
  • Contains caffeine and carnitine tartrate, which may increase cell energy in scalp, increasing hair growth
  • Contains anti-oxidants, which may help protect cells from free radicals
  • Contains zinc which helps kill common scalp fungi and may help prevent hair loss


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