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A Revolutionary New Way to Reverse Hair Loss: Fixing Your Hormonal Balance and Rejuvinating Your Whole Body

Are you prepared to spend 5 minutes a day following a simple set of instructions?

  • Follow my simple instructions and watch as tiny, dormant hair follicles are reactivated all over your scalp.
  • Use my instructions to perfectly balance your hormones. Make your mind clear, calm and focused by reducing stress hormones and increasing oxygenated blood flow to your head.
  • I’ll show you a technique that causes a massive supply of nutrients to flood to your hair and skin, intensely nourishing them.

Guaranteed results within 3 months or receive a 100% refund

Expect to see results like this or receive a no-questions asked 100% refund: Before and after nicehair program

After 2 weeks on the program:

I’ve managed to restore a fine layer of baby fluff to my head! I reckon that once I include all the additional steps to the programme my head will be covered! Steve, afrigetics.com

After 6 months on the program:

The hair regrowth has become a sideshow for my overall improvement in health. My skin, hair and nails are ridiculously healthy – it’s no cliché to say my hair shines, my skin glows and my nails grow quicker than I can cut them. Michael, early user

How it works

Fix your hormonal balance

Brad Pitt Have you ever noticed how some people have perfect skin, thick hair and always seem relaxed and confident? Well there’s a good reason for this. It’s due to their hormonal balance. We’re going to make a slight change to your hormonal balance using natural superfoods and a simple technique. Your hormonal balance will begin to match that of people with perfect skin and hair.

Use IGF-1 to trigger rapid hair cell generation, causing hair follicles to reactivate all over your scalp

IGF1 hair growth Using a revolutionary new method, we’re going to trigger thousands of dormant hair follicles to reactivate. By provoking your body to increase blood supply to your scalp and increase cell production, we’re going to reactivate hair follicles all over your scalp, increasing your hair density. I’ll show you how to get a natural source of IGF-1 (easy and cheap to obtain). Every night you’ll apply the IGF-1 to your scalp and use a Dermaroller to trigger new hair growth. Each follicle can change from growing one hair to growing up to five, resulting in a five-fold increase in hair density over time.

Rejuvenate your whole body, making your skin super healthy

You’ll learn how to make variety of powerful smoothie mixtures, containing a very special combination of natural ingredients. These ingredients are designed to balance your hormones and completely revitalise your skin and hair. healthy people with thick hair I’m going to show you an amazing technique, which causes those nutrients to flush to your skin, intensely nourishing your skin and hair, day in day out. You’ll watch as your skin and hair change dramatically. The next 40 days will change your life forever. By making these small changes to your daily regime (for just 5 minutes a day) you’ll start to become just like the people you see with perfect hair and skin and a relaxed, confident demeanor.

Dr. Okajima on the science behind the method

Dr Kenji Okajima hair loss expert

Promotion of IGF-1 production by the safe method is critical for maintenance of normal hair growth and also for restoration of hair growing power in patients with alopecia Dr. Kenji Okajima

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