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A Revolutionary New Way to Reverse Hair Loss: Fixing Your Hormonal Balance and Rejuvinating Your Whole Body

Female hair loss
When you experience hair loss, the hairs fall out and are replaced with smaller, thinner hairs. This process repeats several times until the hairs become tiny, see-through ‘vellus’ hairs.
But you still have thousands of these all over your scalp, no matter how thin your hair is.
The human body is an amazing thing. If it’s damaged, it heals, all by itself.
Think about this…
If your skin is damaged, new skin cells are grown to heal the damage. You’ve seen this happen hundreds of times, when you get a cut or scrape.
Now, imagine if you ‘send a message’ to those cells to grow into HAIR instead of skin.
Wounding for hair regrowth
Well, that’s exactly what you’re going to do…
Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania
Using the research from a breakthrough study conducted at Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, we’ve figured out how to manipulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms to trigger new hair growth in the scalp.

Overexpression of Fgf9 results in a two to threefold increase in the number of neogenic hair follicles George Cotsarelis, MD

By provoking your scalp to grow new hair cells using a simple technique anyone can do at home you can stimulate new hair growth, causing your hair to grow back.
IGF1 hair growth
We’ve combined this with some amazing research conducted at the Division of Molecular Neurobiology at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, which discovered that the use of topical ‘IGF-1’ triggers hair regrowth in the scalp.

university of cincinati

IGF-1 may therefore be able to stimulate the proliferation of hair follicle cells
Division of Molecular Neurobiology, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

Using these two breakthroughs as well as a breakthrough I discovered back in 2008, we’ve found a way to massively increase the nutrient supply to the hair and send a chemical message in the scalp to grow hair cells instead of just skin cells.

The result?

Increased nutrient supply + increased cell growth + IGF-1 + healing reaction


Hair follicles reactivate all over the scalp

IGF-1 promotes hair growth by stimulating cell proliferation and down regulating TGF-β1 (Li J, Yang Z, Li Z, Gu L, Wang Y, Sung C, 2014. Department of Food Science and Technology, Chungnam National University)

Several studies have been conducted on IGF-1 for its potential to not only stop hair loss but also stimulate new hair growth. The results imply that this is the total hair loss cure of the future. The one we’ve all been searching for.

Dr Kenji Okajima hair loss expert

Promotion of IGF-1 production by the safe method is critical for maintenance of normal hair growth and also for restoration of hair growing power in patients with alopecia Dr. Kenji Okajima

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It’s a simple, elegant and economical treatment.
Dermaroller for hair loss
By mildly damaging the scalp using a Dermaroller you provoke your body to do what it does naturally – regrow cells. The body naturally grows new skin cells to heal damage.
However, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have discovered a way to make not only skin cells grow during the healing, but also hair cells (similar to how the IGF-1 causes new hair cells to grow, as I explained earlier).
We’ve developed a way that anyone can make and use this treatment from home – years before it becomes available as a product.
Before and after nicehair program
We’re essentially releasing the hair loss cure of the future to you today, using my insider knowledge and contacts. This is the cure I used to regrow my own hair. And the cure that people all over the world are starting to use.
We’ve taken the results of these three breakthrough studies, together with my years of research and put it all together into one, easy to follow plan, that you can complete at home in very little time.
Following this plan, your hair will grow back gradually, getting thicker and thicker over the next few months.
To use my plan, which includes the instructions on how to use IGF-1, and trigger the healing reaction in your scalp, click the link below.
Continue reading to learn more about the science behind the method.
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