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A Revolutionary New Way to Reverse Hair Loss: Fixing Your Hormonal Balance and Rejuvinating Your Whole Body

Your hair is starving to death

It’s starving because it’s not receiving an adequate supply of nutrients. And as a result it’s quite literally dying of starvation.
Increase nutrient supply to hair
Every hair on a healthy scalp is connected to a blood vessel. This is how it receives nutrients and grows. However, hair loss sufferers have an extremely weak supply of blood to their hair follicles. In fact it’s so weak that some of the hairs can become completely parted from the blood supply. And in the end they stop growing altogether.
What else would you expect? If a hair has no building blocks to grow, how can it grow?
Increase nutrient supply to hair
This diagram represents tiny, see-through, almost invisible dormant hair follicles. You have thousands of these all over your scalp, but they’re so small you can’t see them unless you look really closely in a strong light, or under a microscope (think back to Justin Beiber’s facial hair).
The dormant hairs don’t grow because they don’t receive any nutrients and a hormonal change has occurred in your scalp, which tells them not to grow.
In my plan, I show you several special combinations of foods. These foods are blended into a drink. Drink it one or two times per day – or more if you like. Then use the technique I show you, to send those nutrients to your skin.
This powerful blend of specially selected nutrients are delivered directly to your hair and skin. They go to work revitalising your skin and hair all day, every day.
Within weeks your skin and hair will start to change as they’re fed with nutrients they’ve been missing for years – because the hormones in your body have prevented them from being sent to your skin and hair.
Now we’re going to change that. But more than that. We’re going to give your hair and skin a massive over supply of rejuvenating nutrients all day, every day, until your hair and skin are healthier than they’ve ever been.
This is what you’re hair and skin have been missing for so long. This is why they’re slowly dying of malnourishment. Now it’s time to change that.
nicehair hair regrowth stop hair fall
When you combine this with the IGF-1 and the healing reaction you can just imagine the result.

My hair is just getting thicker by the day. I’m so glad I found your book Chris. Thank you…

Get your hair back to how it was when you were young. Before the hormonal changes occurred in your body. Make a transformative change to your scalp – this is the only way to truly reverse hair loss – by tackling the root cause.
Balance your body’s hormones. Make your mind clear, calm and focused. Change your entire body at a cellular level. And watch as a catalyst effect occurs making you feel amazing every day as all of the pieces of the puzzle come together.
Intensely nourish your hair and skin all day every day. Sending a massive supply of nutrients, revitalizing your whole body. You skin will glow as it receives more nutrients than it’s ever received before – the exact nutrients that replenish and nourish your skin and hair.
If you start today, you’ll see a difference within one week. Within one month you’ll never look back.
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