An extract from my new book -

An extract from my new book

Below is an extract of several pages from my new online hair regrowth method, The Hormone Fix. You can access The Hormone Fix here.
I’m going to tell you a story about an American scientist called Dr Terry Wahls. Dr Wahls used to suffer from a disease called Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Her movement was extremely restricted, she was wheelchair bound, tired all the time and things were looking bad. Before long she was undergoing chemotherapy and it looked as though she may never leave her bed again.
But she was very clever.
She studied her disease in detail until she understood the root cause of it. She asked herself, what precisely is it that’s causing her brain and body to behave like this.
She discovered that the mitochondria in her cells were dying.
So she set about healing them.
She worked out exactly what mitochondria need to be healthy and then she went on a mission to provide her body’s cells with precisely what they needed to return to a healthy state.
She flooded her body with those nutrients every day.
She experimented with various special combinations of nutrients that were designed to feed her mitochondria. Eventually she determined the correct combination of foods.
As time went by something incredible started to happen. Her cells began to heal. Her movement started to return. Her energy levels started to improve.
A year later she no longer needed a wheelchair. In fact, her health improved dramatically.
The improvement was so dramatic, she was able to ride her bike five miles to work every day and live a normal life again.
Terry Wahls before and after
Within one year she had dramatically changed her life. And she did it without medication, without special therapy and without some miracle cure.
She did it by healing her body at a cellular level.
You can watch Dr Wahls’ TED Talk here.

Why have I told you this?

What Dr Wahls did was remarkable. But it was based on pure logic. She found the root cause of her problem and she treated it. She gave her body what it needed to heal itself.
She didn’t attempt to constantly treat a symptom. She found the root cause and eliminated it.
Dr Wahls’ story inspired me. It made me think: If someone can understand the underlying cause of MS and figure out how to eliminate that cause, it must be possible to do the same thing for hair loss, which is simply a symptom if an underlying problem.
So that’s exactly what I did.

What is the root cause of hair loss?

We knew that a drug called Finasteride can successfully reduce levels of the hormone DHT in the scalp enough to prevent DHT from causing hair loss. So we knew there’s a causal link between DHT and hair loss, for most people.

But why do some people display the symptoms of high DHT levels, such as extreme body hair growth, while not experiencing scalp hair loss?
It seemed a piece of the puzzle was missing.
So I examined every item of hair loss research I could find until I had enough pieces of the puzzle to form an overall picture clear enough to determine what was missing.
And here it is.
I’ll explain more about the science behind this method later, but for now, let’s get started with the basics.
This method is based on research from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, the Division of Molecular Neurobiology at the University of Cincinnati, Dr Terry Wahls of the University of Iowa and much much more. The discoveries these teams made, which I’m about to show you, are some of the greatest breakthroughs in hair growth research.
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