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FAQ: Does my Program Work for Women?

I was reading your blog and noticed that the focus seems to be on hormone balance. Would the program and products work for women, also, or do we need to balance different hormones?

Thank you for your questions. The program instructions are designed for both men and women. Studies show that almost all hair loss is the result of high scalp DHT and diminished IGF-1 levels in the scalp. IGF-1 is natural in both men and women.
In men (and many women) a hormone called DHT (which is much more prevalent in men) causes IGF-1 in the scalp to decrease (it also causes other problems in the scalp that lead to hair loss.
The program is designed to return the scalp to the youthful state it was in before hair loss began. To do this we increase the hormones associated with a healthy, youthful scalp that abundantly grows hair and decrease the hormones associated with a balding, aging scalp that is losing hair.
In essence we are ‘fixing’ the hormonal balance in your scalp, which is the underlying cause of the hair loss. In doing so, the hair regrows naturally because the problem that was preventing hair growth is elminated. This is quite simply the key to reactivating hair growth in the scalp.
It’s perfectly safe and in fact very healthy for both men and women. In my opinion, everyone in the world should follow this method.

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