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Feed Dull, Unhealthy Hair to Promote Hair Growth

I am a 21 year old female and for the last 2 years my hair has been falling out. I feel so foolish for leaving it this long, just thought it would correct itself, but the last couple of months it has just got so bad. My hair is now really thin and is so unhealthy. Also, my scalp is very dry and itchy. Always has been but I’ve never thought to link the two together. My hair is dull and lifeless and every time i touch it, I am guaranteed to have hair fall. I dread having to wash my hair because of the amount of hair loss. I did have a baby 5 years ago, so dunno if that’s part of the problem. Hormones? Do you think my problem if DHT related? Looking forward to hearing back.

The fact that your hair is very dull and unhealthy looking tells me that you need to feed it. Providing your body with a massive abundance of the exact nutrients needed for hair growth would be a good start for you.
The best advice I can give you is to intensely feed your hair using the instructions in the nutrition chapter of my eBook. In that chapter you also learn how to improve your hormonal balance by feeding your ‘prostaglandins’, which regulate hormones.
Reducing your DHT levels might also be a good idea. I would recommend having your DHT levels checked by a doctor first though. At your age DHT is less likely to be a problem.
In the eBook I explain how to remove DHT from the scalp and block DHT production in the body. It is a difficult regime to follow though, so you might want to wait until edition 2 of the eBook is released this spring, which is easier to follow and even more effective. Alternatively download edition 1 (current edition) and sign-up in the members area for a free copy of edition 2 (all my edition 1 buyers get a free copy of edition 2) — that way you get both.
In edition 2 I also explain how to clear up problems that cause an itchy scalp — this is touched on in edition 1 but is covered in more detail in edition 2.
The eBook is available to download here.
You also get a free 8 part audio program that helps train your mind to reduce your stress levels. This is useful in stopping stress related hair loss.