Foxy Locks Girls

Foxy Locks Girls

Foxy Locks Girls Youtube Hair Tutorials

To their YouTube fan base, they are known as the ‘Foxy Locks Girls’, however to their friends and family they are known as Imogen and Lara.

Imogen and Lara’s channel focuses purely on hairstyles, however on occasion they will upload makeup tutorials too. The majority of their hairstyle and makeup videos are tutorials where they show their viewers different styles and how they can recreate them.

The Foxy Locks Girls have been a part of the YouTube community since April 2009, and since they have joined they have managed to reach over 500,000 channel subscribers while also reaching nearly 62,000,000 video views.

The girls’ channel, as mentioned above, focuses mainly on hairstyle tutorials where the girls provide step by step instructions on how their viewers are able to recreate the hairstyles on themselves. They upload a video each week, so if you follow them you are able to change your hairstyle once a week too!

In their most viewed video, Imogen & Lara show their viewers how they are able to easily put their hair into a fishtail braid/plait in only a few minutes. Throughout the video, they give details of each step so that their viewers are able to keep up and follow along.
Click here to check out the video!

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