How to Get Healthy Bleach Treated Hair -

How to Get Healthy Bleach Treated Hair

Bleaching your hair and dying it to be a different color can cause a lot of chemical damage to your hair, which is why most hair care specialists would advise against it. However, if you know what you’re doing with your hair and are able to treat your hair safely, your hair will remain undamaged.
Now, this is only meant if you are dying the bottom half of your hair although if you are planning on dying the rest of your hair, the same applies! When you have an empty conditioner container, mix roughly 80% conditioner and 20% of the colored dye in the container. Every time that you wash your hair, apply the mixture to your hair for only about a minute. The longer that you leave the mixture in your hair, the stronger the color gets. Also, the longer you leave the mixture in your hair the more likely you are at risk of chemical damage.
The thing you must avoid is heat. While straightening your hair using hair straighteners is useful, it is also the reason you have to hair straighten. Use natural hair straightening methods instead.
Washing your hair every day can help the dye fade from your hair faster. In order to stop the dye from fading as fast, therefore meaning you have to apply more chemicals to your hair more often, don’t wash your hair every day. In fact, try and cut down to washing your hair once or twice a week. Instead, use dry shampoo every day in order to make your hair look clean.