Get instant access to my full program

Get instant access to my full program

Chris Carter before and after nicehair

With just five minutes per day I’ll show you how to make your hair grow back like mine did.

  • Increased hair density: making your hair density increase up to five fold.
  • Healthier skin: every day your skin and hair will be flooded with a special combination of nutrients that triggers cell regeneration. Your skin will get increasingly healthy as the change progresses.
  • A relaxed, focused and confident mind: as your stress hormones decrease, oxygenated blood flow to your brain increases and your body receives the perfect balance of hormone balancing nutrients, you’ll start feeling better day be day.

To get instant access to the program, click the link below:

Get instant access to the full program

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What exactly is included in the download?

You get full access to the private members page. From there you can download:

  • The full instructions to use my method (this is everything you need)
    • The instructions include links to natural products (no medications). I show you how to get them cheaply online.
    • I show you how to use those items to complete the instructions based on safe research from world renowned scientists
    • The methods are simple to complete from home on your own. You won't need any more than five minutes per day.
  • The audio mind training program based on NASA research
    • This is a four part audio program. You can listen to this at any time, using the instructions I provide.
  • Free updates on my continuing research for life (sign-up on the members page)

My credibility in the field

Chris Carter before and after hair loss I've been researching hair loss since 2008. You can review summaries of my research here. The method I've developed is based on ten years of research from highly credible sources. In fact everything in my program has been based on research conducted by highly credible research teams from around the world. I provide full references to the studies in my plan. Despite the incredible amount of research that has gone into my plan, the instructions are written in simple, plain English, that anyone can follow.

Guaranteed Results in 3 months or your money back

Your purchase comes with an extended 3-month 100% money-back guarantee, which is important to give you time to see results. In other words, I guarantee that you'll see results within three months, no-matter who you are or how bad your hair loss is.

Contact information

If you have any questions or concerns, email You can also tweet me @nicehairorg.

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