Getting to the root of hair loss -

Getting to the root of hair loss

Today’s most effective hair loss treatments almost always seek to tackle just one cause of hair loss. For example, topical Minoxidil products tackle weakened circulation in the scalp and herbal supplements like Propecia attempt to inhibit the conversion of testosterone into DHT.
Although these treatments are clearly tackling known causes of hair loss, none of the companies producing them seem to be answering the question, “why do these causes begin taking effect in some individuals in the first place?”. What is it that changes in some people’s bodies that makes them start to lose hair?
These are surely the most important questions. For if we can solve these problems we can truly cure hair loss, not just treat it.
Currently it seems that none of the hair loss treatments available on the market address the root causes of hair loss. Perhaps this is a way to sustain long-term profits in the multi-billion dollar industry or perhaps hair loss treatment manufacturers simply don’t yet have the understanding of human biology to properly cure the root cause(s) of hair loss.

Root cause analysis

In order to properly solve any problem you have to find the ‘root’ of it. If you do not solve a problem at it’s root you are likely to be only temporarily treating one of it’s symptoms.
For example, you might achieve mediocre success in staving off hair loss by using a DHT inhibitor supplement. But really what you should be doing is bringing DHT production down naturally from within your body.
The same goes for circulation. Weak circulation in the scalp is another cause of hair loss. But doing exercises like scalp massages that temporarily boost circulation in the scalp is only a short term, temporary treatment. It’s better to improve your circulation to the extremities by solving problems in your blood vessels, your blood and other parts of your body, thus naturally boosting blood flow to your scalp at all times, rather than just while you do the exercises.

Stop Hair Loss in Six Steps, Guaranteed

Getting to the root of hair loss is the underlying theme of my whole book. I explain the six most significant causes of hair loss: DHT, poor circulation in the scalp, blocked pores in the scalp, stress, poor nutrition and poor liver efficiency. And then I explain how to make each of these areas work to your advantage: low DHT levels, strong circulation, clear pores, relaxed mind, excellent diet for hair growth and strong liver.
By eliminating each of the underlying causes of hair loss you don’t need to use temporary fixes that inhibit DHT or boost circulation – because your body is now in the correct state for hair growth, from the inside and the outside.
If you want to use my approach to stopping hair loss and regrowing hair, download my eBook today.