Gina Evelyn -

Gina Evelyn

On both YouTube, and in real life, she’s known as Gina Evelyn!

What’s The Channel About?

Gina has chosen to focus her channel on fashion and beauty. She uploads twice a week, on Mondays and Fridays, and builds her videos on a variety of topics including Q&A’s, where she answers questions asked by her fans, or even just a regular vlog where she tells her viewers how her day went.
Gina has been a part of the YouTube community since the 4th of March in 2014, and since she has joined she has been able to rack up an impressive amount of subscribers, reaching over 21,000, as well as over 620,000 video views.
Being only 15 years old and building a career off of YouTube, Gina enjoys taking her thoughts to the internet when it comes to her Fashion and Makeup time. She continues to build up her videos, focussing on tutorials among her vlogs.