Hair Care Secrets of the Stars, Part 1 - Blonde Girls -

Hair Care Secrets of the Stars, Part 1 — Blonde Girls

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Blonde Woman with Nice Hair

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Why is it that Hollywood stars and Pop icons never seem to have a bad hair day? No matter what personal or career crisis they may go through, the hair is always thick and shiny, with just enough wave and not a bit of frizz. Coloring, processing and styling are notoriously hard on hair, so how does the Hollywood elite keep their hair thick and healthy?
Stars definitely have an advantage over the rest of us, in that they can afford the best stylists and the latest, most intensive treatments for their hair. However, you don’t have to be fabulously wealthy to have fabulous hair. Once you know the hair care secrets of the rich and famous, you can reproduce them at home for pennies on the dollar.
Stars of the stage and screen have to be concerned with their bodies as well as their hair. The whole package, so to speak. Fortunately following a healthy diet is the first step to having fabulous hair. You can really kill two birds with one stone by feeding your hair as well as your body.
Many, if not most, of the glamorous blonde women you see on the red carpet have color treated hair. Lightening the hair makes it very vulnerable to damage. These ladies spend a bundle having their color maintained. If you want to go blonde, and have it be star quality, you need to get a good colorist to do your hair. You don’t have to spend what the stars do, but this is no time for do-it-yourself. The more shades you lighten the hair, the more careful you have to be with it. Regular trims are very important too, to prevent split ends.

Jessica Simpson

Thick natural blonde wavy hair

Image source: JVH33

Jessica Simpson’s blonde tresses are kept looking their best by her stylist, Ken Paves. He is careful not to stretch her hair while combing it out when it’s wet. By beginning at the ends of the hair, and working his way toward the scalp, he avoids causing damage and split ends. He uses a ceramic flatiron because he believes it is gentler on the hair, and smooths the hair shaft to make the hair shine. Using a product to protect the hair from heat helps prevent damage during styling.

Drew Barrimore

Blonde hair with black tips

Image source: CStova

Drew Barrymore is very adventurous with her hair. She likes to experiment with different colors and lengths. Her stylist, Byron Williams, encourages her to let her wavy hair dry naturally, as heat can be very damaging. He saves the blow-dryer for when she needs a sleek look for a special event. Drew likes to use an ARTec color depositing shampoo to keep her color looking fresh.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani singing with short crop top stomach showing hot

Image source: Peter Cruise

Gwen Stefani’s trademark platinum blonde look makes it doubly necessary to be very careful not to damage the hair. On the advice of her long-time stylist, Danilo, she uses a deep protein conditioner several times a week and is careful to keep her hair protected from the sun.

Kelly Ripa

Straight natural blonde hair shoulder length thick hair

Image source: Keith Wills

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Kelly Ripa’s stylist, Crystal Tesinsky, recommends blow-drying the hair straight, because straight hair reflects more light, making it appear shinier. She also uses a shine spray that contains light-reflecting polymers.

Diane Sawyer

Silver blonde hair older woman

Image source: David Shankbone

Diane Sawyer has her hair gently pampered by Tim Rogers. She only washes her hair every other day to avoid drying it out. She also protects it from the sun with a hat or scarf.
So really, most of the things the stars do for their hair are things we can all do. Eat the right foods, and use the appropriate products for your hair type. Maintain your color and cut. Be kind and gentle to your hair.

So what is the secret to beautiful, healthy hair?

The secret to healthy, thick and shiny hair is quite simple — nutrition. But it’s not about following the perfect diet. In fact it’s about making sure the nutrients you consume are able to reach your hair follicles in healthy quantities.
Hair receives the nutrients it needs to grow via the bloodstream. In order to make your hair thick, shiny and healthy it needs a good supply of nutrients. If your hair is dry, brittle or thinning it is not receiving an adequate supply of nutrients.
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