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Hair Loss Treatments

I decided to add a section to the website cataloging all the available hair loss treatments, so that I can share my opinions of these treatments and tell you whether they’re worth using. Many hair loss treatments available on the market are pretty rubbish but some are fairly decent — it does of course depend on you using the right one to combat the most significant cause of your hair loss.

You don’t really need any of these treatments

If you follow the instructions provided in my hair loss eBook, you won’t need to use any of these treatments. However some of you will not be ready to do that yet — my book demonstrates a very thorough and complete solution to hair loss, but it does take some dedication to complete all of the instructions properly. Therefore I decided that for those of you who want something a bit easier I’d explain what hair loss treatments are actually worth paying for and which ones are best for what people.
These are the only hair loss treatments I personally recommend. However I must stress that if you properly follow the instructions in my book you will not need to use any of these treatments.
I’d also like to say that in my eBook I don’t suggest you use any of the below treatments. You could use them in addition to the instructions in my eBook but you won’t need to.

1. The Dermaroller

This may come as a surprise to some people but one of my select few recommended hair loss treatments is the ‘Dermaroller’. The Dermaroller is a small rolling wheel attached to a handle. The rolling wheel is covered in tiny metal needles. To use the Dermaroller you roll the wheel over the surface of your skin, allowing the tiny needles to puncture your skin.
How in the world is this a treatment for hair loss?
Many hair loss treatments work by increasing blood flow to the scalp. The Dermaroller does this and it does something else. By very gently breaking the the skin, the body concentrates healing (therefore increased blood flow and collagen production) in the area of skin being treated. Since the body is sending an increased amount of nutrients to the skin for healing this has a benefit on the hair as well.
Studies have shown that damaging skin can cause hair growth. The increased healing can provoke hair to grow back that was once naturally growing there before hair loss started to occur. Anything that you can do to your scalp that promotes increased blood flow and healing is beneficial for hair growth.
In addition to this, it’s quite likely that by gently breaking the skin, any topical hair loss treatments you use will have a better effect. For example if you use topical Minoxidil on the scalp without first breaking the skin, much of the Minoxidil will not absorb deep into the skin and will not have great effect. If you use the Dermaroller first, it should increase the absorption and effectiveness of the topical Minoxidil.

2. Nourkrin (for women)

Nourkrin has been a successful hair loss supplement for women. They do also have supplements for men. However I think that something more potent is required to stop most cases of male pattern baldness. Nourkrin contains a good mix of nutrients required for hair growth. Although I personally believe it is better, and easily possible, to get these nutrients from your diet, some people prefer to take a supplement. As I have explained in the past I’m not a massive fan of supplements and I don’t feel they’re necessary. However, as I explained earlier in this article, these treatments are for people who aren’t ready to properly stop their hair loss once and for all — these are just the quick fixes.
Nourkrin, I think, is a decent hair loss treatment for women because women are in general less effected by DHT, compared with men, so women are less likely to need a powerful DHT inhibitor. Also I think that women can be very badly effected by the stress of losing their hair. This of course is a viscous cycle. Firstly you notice your hair maybe looking a little less lustrous. That stresses you out slightly. Then, the horror of all horrors, your hair seems to be getting thinner. For men this is often acceptable but for women this is serious.
That’s why I think it can be beneficial for women to take a supplement like Nourkrin. It provides an abundance of nutirents for hair growth that are easily consumed in a capsule and it probably provides some piece of mind.
However I have taken Nourkrin for men in the past with limited or no results. In my case the cause of hair loss was too extreme to solve with a supplement — for me extreme stress and DHT were the primary causes of my hair loss, which is why a supplement like Nourkrin was not enough. I had to find other more extreme ways of solving these problems and, fortunately, I was able to.

3. Liquid saw palmetto (for men)

Saw palmetto is a natural extract from fruit of ‘Serenoa repens’ — see Wikipedia for more information. It has the effect of inhibiting DHT production. Again, see Wikipedia for a definition of DHT. DHT is widely thought to be the primary cause of hair loss in men. Therefore if you can inhibit the production of DHT you should slow hair loss down. This is a good short-term solution for hair loss for most men.
I’m not an expert on saw palmetto supplements. However I have been assuredly told that you need to take the liquid form supplement to gain any benefits for your hair.

So there it is

These are my recommended hair loss treatments, if you don’t want to follow the instructions in my book. Of course my best recommendation for anyone suffering hair loss is forget wasting years on hair loss treatments. If you want to properly stop your hair loss by eliminating the root cause of hair loss, just read my eBook!