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When Hair Transplants Go Wrong

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Last updated: Feb 19, 2020

Below are 8 rare examples of instances in which hair transplant procedures have not turned out as well as expected.
A hair transplant is an option which may be invasive but scientifically proven to generate good results. Unfortunately, like most surgical procedures, this procedure is far from being fool-proof and following are some of the cases where it went horribly wrong, much to the disappointment of the patients.

Case 1

The patient had gone for hair transplant owing to excessive hair loss and resultant bald patches at the back of his head. Rather than improve his hair growth, the hair transplant procedure left him with visible scars on his scalp and a little bit of growth in patches, thus rendering his appearance even more awkward.

Case 2

In the above you’ll see how the donor area looked after the transplant and when it was subjected to further internal examination, it revealed presence of cysts that had formed subsequent to the transplant procedure. On being dissected, each of these cysts turned out hair strands which had not been removed courtesy of carelessness and hence had turned septic. This case may have been the result of negligence on the part of the team conducting the hair transplant.

Case 3

In this case, opting for hair transplant left the victim scarred for life without any growth having occurred after the procedure. After two hair transplants and having spent 5000 GBP, all there was left to show was the horrific scarring of the scalp.

Case 4

Lebron James hair transplant scar
NBA star LeBron James decided to undergo hair transplant surgery with the intention of regaining his thick mane. But all he was left with was a strip scar at the back of his head and hardly any results to show for all the trouble.

Case 5

Bad hair transplant scar
Birmingham-based Mal who opted for hair transplant at 50 years of age came to regret his decision when three years later his head still looked bare as ever and also featured an unsightly scar. To cover his embarrassment, he decided to carry tattoos on his head instead that would conceal the scar and said that he would not recommend hair transplantation to anyone.
Here’s Mal after his hair tattoo:
Tatoo hair

Case 6

Itching is a common problem that occurs after hair transplant procedures. But scratching needs to be avoided because it can cause damage to the scalp and even destroy the implants. If it continues beyond a week like in this case, it is time to visit the surgeon again to figure out the reason underlying its occurrence.

Case 7

Hair transplant gone wrong necrosis scar
Necrosis is one of the consequences of hair transplant surgery having gone haywire. Meaning death of tissue, its occurrence has been attributed to sub-standard surgical techniques and equipment. It causes ulceration of skin and scarring and is one of the worst complications that can follow hair transplant surgery.

Case 8

Hair transplant gone wrong lesions
Although strongly resembling pimples, these are actually skin lesions, technically referred to as Folliculitis. These occur after hair transplant surgery when the follicles are inflamed and contain pus. Irritable and itchy, these can cause plenty of discomfort and should be treated by a specialist.
Well there you go, now you’ve seen what can happen when hair transplantation surgery goes wrong. Bare in mind that these are very rare cases and make sure, if you’re considering surgery, that you go to a credible surgeon.