While on YouTube she is known by her fans as ‘HairCrush’, in real life her family and friends know her as Chime!

While her channel has a variety of hair based videos, she also does a variety of vlogs as well as videos about how to take care of yourself through diet and exercise, based on her own experiences.

Since she first joined the YouTube community in January 2011, Chime has managed to reach over 300,000 subscribers as well as reaching nearly 15,000,000 video views.

Starting off with beauty videos, Chime has managed to grow her fan base and expand on the topics that her videos cover. She bases her hairstyle and haircare videos on her own experiences. Chime also does a variety of videos where she vlogs trending challenges.

In her most viewed YouTube video, Chime focuses on some of her favorite hairstyles. She goes into depth discussing the top 4 hairstyles that she personally loves, as well as demonstrating how to go about doing them yourself. She also points out that the hairstyles she is showing her viewers work for not only short hair, but average length hair.

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