Harry Styles’ Hair Loss: How Bad Is It?

Harry Styles has quite an advanced receding hairline and has had since he was very young. But is it about to get much worse? Let’s find out…

Harry Styles — the pop star from boy band One Direction — was very lucky to have had naturally thick healthy hair as a teenager. He’s unlucky though because he belongs to a particular niche hormone profile, which means he has enough of the hormone DHT and enough of the hormone cortisol to cause very damaging inflammation-based hair loss in the temple areas. Without treatment, his hair loss will now progress making the front-centre of his hair thin and eventually, the top of his hair will become thin.

This is the most common form of premature hair loss: male pattern hair loss. It affects millions of men. Let’s examine the progression of his hair loss so far:

Harry Styles young receding hairline

Even at a very young age Harry Styles had quite a deep receding hairline. This probably started when he was only 15 or 16 to have been as far back as it is in this picture by the age of roughly 20.

This is far more common than you might think. In fact a fairly large proportion of teenage boys develop a receding hairline in their early teenage years. This is likely due to the hormones DHT and cortisol, causing inflammation in the scalp, which leads to rapid hair loss in the temple areas.

Harry Styles Hair Loss

You can see here where his hairline would have originally been and where it is now.

And below is a really clear photo of how far back the hair loss has progressed. You can see by comparing the above and below pictures the hair loss has progressed quite a bit in the last few years.

Harry Styles Receding Hairlines

What can he do about this level of hair loss?

He’s lucky enough to still have very thick hair at the centre of his scalp, but that will soon start to thin because of the inflammation caused by DHT. The best thing he can do right now is to reduce the DHT and block the androgen receptors in the scalp.

Best topical hair loss treatments

To do this he should start by using a ketoconazole shampoo to reduce scalp DHT, as well as a topical hair loss treatment that contains minoxidil.

View the world’s best topical hair loss treatments here.

If Harry starts a good anti hair loss regime now he could avoid any further hair loss altogether. Hair loss treatments are good enough now that anyone who catches it early enough can completely prevent further hair loss. Harry is one such individual who has an extremely good chance of completely preventing any further hair loss without having to go to extreme measures. The progression of his hair loss is quite slow and steady. He hasn’t experienced extreme rapid hair loss that’s associated with extreme stress or extreme DHT. This level of hair loss is very normal in men of his age. Because he’s a celebrity and his hair is actually very important for his mental well being and his career it’s really important that he starts a solid regime now, if he hasn’t already.

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What would I do if I was Harry?

I had very similar hair to Harry at about his age. As I approached my late twenties it thinned rapidly. I can see that happening to his hair if he’s unlucky. In hindsight, if I could send a message to my younger self I could have prevented any hair loss from occurring because if you know what you’re doing it’s very easy to prevent hair loss.

If I was Harry I’d start using super high strength Minoxidil treatment like the Growth Factors serum now and I’d use a topical androgen blocker to prevent DHT from destroying his hair any further. In the UK you can get 10% Minoxidil from Belgravia Centre for about a thousand pounds a year. That’s double the strength of the most powerful over the counter Minoxidil and is way more effective.

I’d personally recommend against using Propecia because it has negative effects on your whole body, when you only want to treat your scalp. Propecia reduces DHT in your whole body, which is really bad if you want to have any muscle tone and any sex drive at all.

A 10% Minoxidil treatment would prevent any further hair loss but the problem is you have to use it for life. If you stop using it, the hair loss continues. I still recommend it to stop hair loss quickly with no effort but in the long term you want a better solution.

Update: Harry Styles has now buzzed his hair off


As you can see he doesn’t look too happy. My guess is it wasn’t 100% his ‘choice’ to shave his hair. He’d probably rather he still had the super thick hair of his youth but it’s probably starting to get too thin or too receded for a modern young popstar who spends a lot of time on ultra HD TV.

What can he do about his hair loss?

Hair Follicle Neogenesis Growth Factors Treatment

If I was Harry I’d get myself some Growth Factors serum and a Dermastamp and start actively regrowing his lost hair. As it currently is he could easily fully regrow it. The longer he leaves it the harder it’ll get to regrow fully. But if he starts now he’d have no problems.