Holistic Habits

Holistic Habits

Sarah Youtube Best Hair Tutorials

On YouTube she is known as ‘holistichabits’, although in real life she is known as Sarah!

Sarah, unlike a lot of other beauty YouTubers, has taken a different look to her videos. While all of her videos do have beauty and health in mind, they also contain delicious treats! Sarah shows her viewers some easy homemade foods which are not only healthy, but give your body the nutrients it needs to prevent any issues you may have, as well as being delicious. Her videos also consist of skin masks in order to preserve your beauty, and even some hair masks.

Sarah has been a part of the YouTube Community since January in 2010. Since she has joined, she has managed to reach over 320,000 subscribers as well as a massive 15,000,000 video views. These numbers truly show how people respond to her output of videos.

Sarah’s channel focuses less on hairstyles, although touches on the subject sometimes, and more on skin care.

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