How Can I Grow My Hair Back? Here's My Method -

How Can I Grow My Hair Back? Here’s My Method

Today I’m going to show you the method I am using to gradually regrow my hair. This is a simple method you can follow at home.

The method takes about five minutes to perform and should be performed weekly. You’ll also need to apply hair growth factors to your scalp daily: I’ll show you these.

Why this method works

When you lose your hair, in most cases, the hair follicles become damaged and cannot grow again. When this happens, nothing can make the damaged hair follicles begin growing again. So instead of trying to make the old hairs grow back, you have to generate entirely new hair follicles in your scalp. This is called hair follicle neogenesis.

How does it work?

In order to generate new hair follicles, we have to make tiny (unnoticeable) wounds in the scalp tissue using a device called a Dermaroller. The Dermaroller is designed to heal scar tissue — and that’s essentially what we’re going to use it for.

By creating tiny wounds in the damaged scalp tissue, the skin reacts by generating new tissue to replace the wounded tissue. Since hair follicles are a natural feature of skin tissue, when the skin tissue develops, occasionally a new hair follicle will develop in the new tissue.

Applying growth factors

Unfortunately, people who suffer from hair loss have low levels of the growth factors that make hair grow. You could think of these as chemical messengers in the scalp that tell the newly forming tissue to produce a new follicle. If they’re not there, the tissue won’t develop a new hair follicle.

So, all I do is apply several known growth factors to my scalp to increase the rate at which new hair follicles develop in the newly developing tissue.

Feed the developing hairs

In addition to creating new follicles, you need to increase the supply of amino acids and sulfur to the newly developing hairs, so they have a huge supply of the building blocks needed to create new keratin. To do this I drink a special ‘hair growth smoothie’, which either contains low sugar fruits, or green leafy vegetables, plus loads of the amino acids and MSM needed to create more hair keratin.

I use a special form of the B vitamin niacin to flush those nutrients to my skin. Remember these nutrients won’t make hair grow on the skin — unless the growth factors are applied. Instead, these nutrients will intensely nourish the skin with antioxidants, B vitamins, amino acids and a rich cocktail of healthy ingredients. This is extremely beneficial for skin health and the health of the brain:

Niacin has been shown to improve memory in Alzheimer’s patients because it improves blood circulation in the brain. This technique flushes lots of nutrients to the brain and to the skin, helping improve circulatory health by dilating the blood vessels.

As I said, this will not make hair grow on the skin. It will only help the hairs develop in the scalp: the ones we have created using the dermaroller and the growth factors.

All in all, I’m extremely happy with the method. Results have been good. And it’s very very good for your mental health, circulatory health and skin.

Monitoring results

My method takes some time before you start to see results. I first noticed two entirely new hairs in my receded hairline several months after starting the method. I was amazed when I saw them, as you can imagine. There were two fully formed hairs right in the middle of my receded hairline area, above my right temple. After seeing this I started observing my scalp almost daily. I soon noticed several more new hairs like this turn from very small and see-through to dark and thicker.

This process has continued as I have continued to use the method. Since it only takes about two minutes once per week, it isn’t a chore.

If you’d like to download the instructions to use my method, which I call the Scalp Regeneration Method, go here. If you’d like to learn more about it for free you can subscribe to my email newsletter using the form on this page.

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