How can I remove DHT and balance my hormones? –

How can I remove DHT and balance my hormones?

How can I remove my DHT and balance hormones?

In the short-term you can reduce DHT levels by taking a saw palmetto supplement — see my hair loss treatments page for more information. However in the long-term there are several things you should do for optimal hormonal balance. These are:

  • Improve the efficiency of your liver
  • Increase your body’s ‘prostaglandin’ levels
  • Reduce your stress levels if necessary
  • Make some minor changes to your diet for optimal hormonal balance

By improving the efficiency of your liver you improve it’s capacity to deal with used hormones (which are processed by the liver). Prostaglandins regulate your hormonal balance. By increasing your body’s prostaglandin numbers using a natural whole food supplement you can help your body regulate your hormonal balance naturally.
If you suffer from high stress levels this can effect your hormonal balance, and vice versa. You can use our free stress reduction audio program to change the way you deal with stress, making you a calmer person in stressful situations.
In my eBook I explain how to normalize your hormonal balance to healthy levels by making some small changes to your diet. I also explain how to reduce DHT production and remove DHT from the scalp.
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