How do I reduce DHT levels in order to stop hair loss? -

How do I reduce DHT levels in order to stop hair loss?

I want to know how to make my hair thicker. I have plenty of hair but it’s not thick, which is my concern. How do I lower the DHT level?

The most common cause of hair loss is DHT. If you want to stop your hair loss and encourage hair regrowth you need to remove DHT from the scalp, reduce DHT production in the scalp, increase blood circulation in the scalp and intensively feed the hair with nutrients required for hair growth.
You can remove DHT from your scalp using my unique and powerful method — the instructions are available to download on this website. In the download I have also explained how to increase blood circulation in the scalp, how to normalise hormonal balance, feed the hair directly and through use of a special combination of superfoods that turbo-charge hair growth.
There are supplements and other treatments you can buy online that are designed to stop hair loss. I’ve tried a great many of these with no results whatsoever. So I came to the conclusion many years ago that if you really want to stop hair loss you have to take fairly extreme action — that’s why I developed my method, which removes DHT from the scalp and triggers the scalp back in to ‘hair growth mode’, which reactivates dormant hair follicles, re-initiating hair growth.
I use a special method of alternating between gently (and non permanently) damaging the scalp and then intensely feeding the scalp to encourage a massive increase in cell production, blood circulation and growth in the scalp. Only by doing this can you get the scalp to grow hair itself (without needing to constantly use topical hair loss treatments for the rest of your life.
The method works and may be the only way many people can stop their hair loss and regrow their hair. Give it a try by downloading the eBook and following the instructions. When you download the eBook you also get 8 free audio files that are used to train your mind to react calmly in stressful situations — this is to help my readers eliminate stress related hair loss.
I have found that stress is the root cause of many peoples’ hair loss, which is why I’ve also dedicated a chapter of the eBook to improving the way you deal with stress, using some powerful techniques.