How do you block DHT without sexual side effects? –

How do you block DHT without sexual side effects?

Since DHT is directly involved with testosterone, testicles, prostate, etc. getting rid of DHT would affect your sexual functioning, correct? Isn’t that why all those hair loss medications have impotence as a side effect? How do your techniques normalize DHT levels while maintaining normal sexual functioning, rather than getting rid of DHT altogether? Thank you.

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You’re referring to the commonly used hair loss medication, ‘Finasteride’, known commonly by it’s brand name Propecia and .
Finasteride blocks the enzyme ‘5-alpha-reductase’ from converting testosterone into DHT. DHT is one of the biggest contributors to hair loss. However there are cases of erectile dysfunction and decreased libido, resulting from use of Finasteride, which are also known to persist after use of the drug is ceased.
In my eBook I instruct on natural alternatives to blocking 5-alpha-reductase, without risk of sexual side-effects. I use powerful natural (and cheaper) herbal alternatives, that also have other benefits for your hair and your health. However, even the herbal alternatives to Finasteride can have some (albeit milder and temporary) side effects for a tiny proportion of the people who use them. That is really a given for all herbs.
However I also instruct on how to block 5-alpha-reductase locally in the scalp, using a custom hair growth tonic, which applies powerful natural ingredients directly to the hair follicles. The hair growth tonic (as part of the Alternation Method), also reverses calcification, which is one of the effects of DHT on the scalp that is thought to cause hair loss.