How I Regrew my Hair And How You Can Too -

Just over ten years ago I noticed my hair had receded quite a bit. I started using some treatments I found online. I used a few different treatments for a few years.
Guess what? They didn’t do anything. I had wasted time and money. That annoyed me.
So I started researching the causes of hair loss. Meanwhile I continued experimenting with more treatments I bought online. I tried DHT blockers, high strength minoxidil with azelaic acid and lotions I found on eBay.
Guess what? None of them worked. It seemed like none of these big brand hair loss companies had produced anything worthwhile. And now my hair was looking really thin.

Thin hair
Here’s a picture I took of my hair back when I first started developing my method

About five years passed and now my hair was really thinning. It got so thin I was starting to think there was nothing I could do. I considered a hair transplant but then I thought, the transplanted hairs might stay put but the other hairs will continue to fall out. It seemed like a very expensive temporary measure. And I couldn’t afford it anyway.
During this period I’d still been researching for hours a day and at last I started finding some answers that made sense.
I had noticed that my scalp seemed very shiny. I noticed it reflect in light. I had a hunch that there was something in this. So I spent several months researching sebum.
During that time of research I found out a lot more than I had expected.

The key to hair regrowth

During my research I learned about three very important causes of hair loss: DHT, calcification in the scalp and restricted blood supply to the hair follicles. This was it. I was on to something big.
I was already quite sure that DHT was causing my hair loss because I am male and have most of the typical characteristics of high DHT levels. However that didn’t necessarily matter because I was sure now that I had found out how to truly stop my hair loss and regrow my hair.
For years I had taken DHT blockers and had experienced no hair regrowth. It was crazy. And really annoying. The products said they stop hair loss and regrow hair. So why didn’t they work for me? And why were there thousands of other men and women in forums and on blogs who also had no luck. Something wasn’t right. If there are all these products that are so great, why are there so many people still suffering from hair loss, with no good answers – still confused; still in the dark. It really annoyed me.
Nearly six years had passed now since I had started my research and I was getting to the bottom of the haystack.

Finally I found the answer

I finally discovered the answer and began reversing my hair loss. Not just slowing it down or stopping it. Now I was regrowing my hair.
Hair growth before and after photos
I had found the answer to stopping hair loss and re-initiating hair growth and here it is…

Decalcifying the scalp

My research finally led me to the answer I’d been looking for. DHT is the most significant cause of hair loss. But why does it cause hair loss? No one seemed to be answering this question. But I had found the answer.
How hair receives nutrients via blood stream
DHT (and several other factors) causes calcium to build up in the scalp, which in turn restricts the blood supply to the hair follicles. Hair receives the amino acids it needs to grow via the bloodstream so a restricted blood supply to the hair follicles causes the hairs to slowly die from malnutrition. By removing the calcium and using a few simple but powerful techniques to massively increase blood circulation in the scalp I was able to massively increase the supply of amino acids to my hair follicles.
Reactivate dormant hair follicles to regrow receding hair line

Next I sent in the amino acids

I had researched hair keratin and found out exactly what it was made of. Next I started consuming high volumes of the exact amino acids that made up hair keratin. Now I was consuming the exact nutrients that are used by the body to create hair keratin. Over time I refined the formula so that my hair was receiving everything it needed to grow thicker and thicker everyday.
Tiny see through vellus hairs
This caused the dormant hair follicles in my scalp to reactivate one by one. The tiny see through, almost invisible, hairs on my scalp started getting thicker and becoming terminal (full grown hairs).
I was consuming three key amino acid supplements everyday, plus using a technique I had developed that massively increased the blood circulation in my scalp, sending those amino acids to my hair.
Reactivated hairs becoming terminal
Every day I looked in the mirror and closely examined my scalp and I could see new hairs growing along my hair line and between the other hairs. My hair was getting thicker and new hairs were reactivating every day. It was very exciting. Finally I had found the solution – I was regrowing my hair, and it was amazing. It was so good to look in the mirror every day and see these new little blonde hairs appearing. Eventually the little blonde hairs grew thicker and darker.
The combination of decalcification, increased blood supply and high doses of key amino acids had triggered my hair to start growing like crazy and it is still getting thicker.
Can lost hair be grown back

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