The ultimate question: Why did you one day start losing your hair? -

There was a time when your hair was thick and healthy right? So why did it start falling out? I’ll tell you why. Your body changed and you aged. But there’s nothing you can do about that right? WRONG.
You can and must do something about that.
If you really want to regrow your hair you need to get your body back into ‘hair growth mode’.

At some point in your past your body changed from ‘hair growth mode’ to ‘hair loss mode’. And now it seems like there’s nothing you can do about it. Well there is.

Years of eating the wrong foods, drinking alcohol, treating your hair and scalp in completely the wrong way, reacting badly to stress and many other bad practices cause your liver and hormones to make you age prematurely.

Now you’re going to learn how to reverse those changes. By rebalancing your hormones, vastly improving your liver efficiency and intelligently feeding your body, you will see a dramatic change in your appearance.
There are several key things that have gone wrong over the years and caused you to age prematurely. Now you need to fix them. You will learn how to:

  • Clear pore blocking sebum from your scalp to allow hair to freely grow again
  • Protect your hair from DHT
  • Massively increase blood flow to your hair using this simple 2 minute a day trick
  • Feed your body’s ‘prostaglandins’ to balance your hormones
  • Flush out years of stored toxins from your liver
  • Improve your body’s ability to assimilate nutrients
  • Train your mind to react calmly in stressful situations

If you don’t feed your hair it will literally starve to death

Your hair is starving. It’s starving because there is hardly any blood flowing to it. It’s also starving because the hormone DHT is preventing your hair from receiving nutrients from your blood.
It’s important that you understand this: every healthy hair is connected to a blood vessel. This is how it receives nutrients and grows. The blood supply to the hair of a hair loss sufferer is very weak. It’s so weak that some of the hairs become completely severed from the blood vessels. Your hair is starving. It is not being fed and as a result it’s dying.
It’s really important that you understand this: if you want to regrow your hair you have to feed it. You have to feed it big time. If you haven’t already read the part on this page about feeding your hair make sure you do.
The method I have developed called ‘The Alternation Method‘ is quite simply the best possible way of feeding your hair. If you want to feed your hair, stop hair loss and regrow your hair this is the best way to do it.

What you might not have realized about stress

Know this: If you breath deeply and calmly, your heart rate is slow and relaxed and you feel relaxed all day long, your health will benefit MASSIVELY.

Stress has a massive impact on your physical health. Hair loss, wrinkles and bad skin are early signs that you react badly to stress and/or worry. If you could train your mind to be more relaxed, focused and calm every day your health and your hair would benefit massively.

I’ve developed a subliminal mind training program that trains your mind to stay calm and focused all day. This is key to slowing your rate of aging and keeping your hormones balanced — which of course, is key to hair growth.

Free 8 part subliminal mind training program

With the eBook, you get a free 8 part subliminal mind training program that you can listen to on your computer, mp3 player or burn to CD. You can listen to the files while exercising, while working and even while sleeping.

Don’t waste any more time

Time is running out. Every day your hairs are becoming more and more malnourished and some are even becoming dormant. You must act quickly if you want to save them and start reactivating hairs that have become dormant.

Download the eBook, read it as soon as possible and start following the instructions TONIGHT.
If you’re not sure about it download the sneak preview of the eBook to to get a taster for free. But whatever you do start now, before it’s too late. The longer you leave it the worse your hair will get.
This is the most powerful method for feeding your hair. Get started now. If you’re not amazed by what you read you’ve got 60 DAYS 6 MONTHS to ask for a refund! That’s plenty of time to read the whole book and apply the powerful hair growth techniques.

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Eliminate stress and become calm and focused all day and sleep deeply and restfully all night, using the free 8 part subliminal mind-training program, used to help stop stress related hair loss.


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