How long does it take to get noticeable results using my method -

How long does it take to get noticeable results using my method

It depends. Because my method tackles each of the causes of hair loss in a step by step approach, it depends which of those causes is most responsible for your hair loss.
The first step is all about the scalp — clearing the pores and re-activating dormant hair follicles. If your scalp is in bad condition and that is a major cause of your hair loss, then the first step will probably produce significant results for you. In which case you could stop your hair loss within two weeks and see the thickness of your hair begin to restore within the first two months — this is no exaggeration.
If your scalps pores are terribly clogged and they suddenly become clear and then get fed with exactly the right nutrients you can see how you could get rapid and profound results from this.
However it is unlikely that this is the primary cause of everyone’s hair loss. What you have to understand about my method, is that it covers EVERY major cause of hair loss. (The only exceptions are hair loss caused by auto-immune disease and hair loss caused by a specific medication. You would need to see your doctor about these problems.)
The most important thing is that you cover all your bases — circulation, hormonal balance, nutrition, stress, liver strength, proper hair care, DHT levels and scalp condition. Rapidity of results will depend on how quickly you cover each of these steps and eliminate each of the underlying causes of hair loss.
You will be able to complete all of the instructions within 3 months, while also working a full time job. So you would see positive results within between two weeks and just over three months depending on which of the causes of hair loss is most significant for you.