How to easily count how many hairs you are losing per day -

How to easily count how many hairs you are losing per day

Use the method I explain below to count how many hairs you lose in one day. By using this method weekly or monthly you can tell whether your hair loss is getting better or worse. This way you can put a statistical measurement on any given strategy for combating hair loss you choose to use.


Make sure you do this preparation because if you don’t you won’t get a very accurate figure.
Wash your hair and towel dry thoroughly before bed. Go to sleep, making sure you don’t turn your pillow over in the night. In the morning make a note of the number of shed hairs found on your pillow, if any. Don’t wash your hair before work. Don’t style your hair with any products. Don’t touch your hair all day. Stay out of the wind and don’t wear a hat.

The method

In the evening at about the same time as you washed your hair the night before do this:

  1. Get a sheet of white paper (ideally A3 but A4 should be fine)
  2. Place the paper on your bed or a bed height surface
  3. Bend over so that your head is directly above the paper at a distance of about 10cm
  4. Now scruff up your hair as much as possible using your hands for 60 seconds

Make sure your hands are clean and dry. When you scuff up our hair, scruff all over and run your ringers through you hair.

How to use this method to statistically measure your progress at stopping hair loss

Follow the method outlined above once a week or once a month. Make a spreadsheet or chart on paper if you prefer. Record the stats every week/month to monitor your progress.
Get an initial figure before you start applying the instructions in my hair loss eBook. Then monitor your progress using this method to make sure you are successfully slowing your rate of hair loss from high to normal. If you follow the instructions in my eBook properly you should reduce the number of hairs shed a day from 50-70 to 40-50 within a few months. As you progress you should also see the density of your hair increase as you reactivate dormant hair follicles.