How to End Split Ends – The Easiest, Most Effective Way of Stopping Split Ends -

How to End Split Ends – The Easiest, Most Effective Way of Stopping Split Ends

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Last updated: Feb 17, 2020

Put an end to split ends
If you’re trying to grow your hair longer but are struggling because of split ends, read this and follow the instructions.
This is the best way to prevent split ends.

  1. Get your hair trimmed at the hair dressers to remove existing split ends.
  2. Buy a pot of organic extra virgin coconut oil.
  3. Before bed, get a small amount of the coconut oil on your fingers/hands and rub it into your hair. Coat all of your hair in a thin layer of coconut oil. You don’t need to use loads, just enough to coat your hair.
  4. Leave the coconut oil in your hair overnight.
  5. In the morning wash your hair and scalp.

Repeat this process every day until you go to get your hair cut again.
When you get your hair cut your hairdresser will comment on how nice your hair is — guaranteed.
If you have VERY WEAK hair that damages very easily, apply a very small amount of coconut oil on to your hair after shampooing as well to prevent damage.
Never brush or comb your hair when it’s wet.

How does it work?

Hair consists of proteins. These proteins can be damaged and broken when combed, brushed or heat treated. They are especially susceptible to damage when wet. If they are broken some of the protein can be lost resulting in split-ends.
Coconut oil is able to penetrate the hair. Once it is absorbed it prevents hair protein from being lost from the hair.
A study on the effects of coconut oil on hair damage was published in 2003 and it showed that coconut oil prevented the hair from swelling when wet. When hair swells as a result of water absorption it is prone to damage because only some cells swell while others do not, which weakens the hair, causing protein loss.

Further Reading

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