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How to Grow Longer Hair, Fast

The Key: Feed your hair from within

Protecting your hair is just the first step, but feeding your hair is actually FAR FAR more important. This is the key bit so keep reading.
You have to protect your hair to prevent split ends, but the reason you’re getting split ends is because your hair is weak, frail and malnourished. What do you do if your hair is malnourished? You feed it. But how do you feed hair? Well it’s not a case of conditioning it or using “deep nourishing leave in conditioners”. No, all of that is a load of rubbish. Conditioners can protect the hair by coating it in chemicals but they do very little to feed the hair.
The very best way BY FAR to feed your hair is to feed it from within – by supplying it with nutrients via the bloodstream. You can use all the hair conditioners, nourishing hair masks and other gimmicks you like. The scientific truth of the matter is, hair receives nutrients via the blood stream, not via hair conditioner!

You need to get your head around this fact: the hair you can see is dead . It cannot be fed. Conditioners can protect the hair but they won’t do much to feed it. You need to concentrate on the hair that is below the scalp – the hair roots, which are connected to tiny blood vessels in the scalp. That is how hair grows and becomes healthy and shiny – by receiving lots of nutrients via those blood vessels.
So if you want truly conditioned, beautiful, shiny hair, you need to feed it via the bloodstream…

Which nutrients does your hair need?

Your hair comprises of over ten different amino acids, which are “keratinized” as hair develops and emerges through your scalp to become hair. There are several key amino acids that you need to consume in abundance in order to feed your hair. The most important ones are L-cysteine and L-lysine. Cysteine is the main component of keratin. By consuming more cysteine your hair literally grows faster, longer and healthier.
However it’s not quite as simple as that. In order to make sure cysteine is sent to the scalp to build hair, you need to increase your intake of taurine. Further to that you need to increase your intake of supporting B vitamins, essential fatty acids and other key nutrients that support hair growth.
To get detailed instructions on the exact nutrients you need to accelerate hair growth rate, increase hair shaft diameter and to improve the health of hair, download my eBook. My eBook contains all the details you need on quantities of nutrients you need to consume and the supporting nutrients that make up the perfect hair growth diet.
Not only does this diet support hair growth, it will also improve your skin, your liver health and your overall health in general.
Keep reading though, because the next bit is important.

That’s all well and fine, but…

It’s all well and fine consuming nutrients that promote hair growth but actually the problem for most people is not just the lack of nutrients, but alsoa weak blood supply to the hair follicles.
Increase supply of nutrients to hair
One of the key reasons for hair loss is weak supply of blood to the follicles. That’s why the world’s number one hair loss treatment, Rogaine, is primarily designed to increase blood flow to the scalp. So really, this is as important, if not more important than consuming the right nutrients.
Many hair loss experts believe that one of the main causes of hair loss is lack of blood supply to the hair. The causes of this vary though. For some people it may be caused by stress and tension in the shoulders. A study in 2010 by UCLA-VA researchers found reducing stress levels in mice using a stress blocking drug, increased hair growth in mice that suffered from thinner, less lustrous hair.
For other people, their poor scalp circulation might be down to a “tightening” of the scalp, due to “adult skull expansion” (a hypothesis that was circulating in the hair loss forums throughout 2012). For others, ‘calcification’, caused by high scalp DHT levels might be the cause.
Whatever the cause, if your hair doesn’t grow past a certain length, or if it is frizzy, weak, brittle or thinning, it’s likely that poor blood flow to the follicles is largely to blame.
The problem is we need to find the underlying cause of the weakened circulation and treat it. If it’s stress I’d advise downloading my subliminal stress reduction mp3 audio files . If it’s DHT, take a look at my information on reducing DHT in the scalp.
Really though, if you want to feed you hair you need a powerful way of increasing blood flow to the follicles.
Diagram showing increased blood flow to hair follicles
To learn how to use my two minute per day technique that increases blood flow right to the surface of your scalp all day long, take a look at this:
How To Massively Increase Nutrient Supply To Your Hair With A Simple And Easy But Extremely Powerful Technique That Takes Just 2 Minutes A Day

Quick tips to help you grow longer hair, fast

Reduce your stress levels

You may think that stress is not that important for improving the health of your hair, but guess again, it’s really important. If you deal with stress really badly I strongly suggest downloading my eBook and using the stress chapter instructions, accompanied with the audio files to reduce your stress levels. I designed that part of the program because I was suffering very badly from stress. This methodology worked for me and it will almost certainly help you. Here are a few tips for reducing your stress levels:

  • Read a book before bed (studies show this reduces stress hormones, within just six minutes of reading)
  • Get at least 7 hours sleep every night
  • Turn off all the lights – make sure your bedroom is light free at night
  • Exercise a little every day and intensely 3 times per week

Eat your greens, reds and yellows

In my eBook I explain how to consume the key amino acids that boost hair growth, the length of the growth cycle and hair shaft diameter. However you also need all the supporting good fats, vitamins and minerals. I explain all of this in the eBook, but you can get off to a good start by making sure you eat deep green vegetables and lots of brightly coloured vegetables every day.
To supplement your diet with vegetables you might eat less often, try drinking a “green drink” every day.
Take a look at the world’s best green drinks for more info.

So, what is the best thing to do to increase hair growth?

Whether you use Rogaine, head stands, scalp massages or whatever else, the more blood you can get to your hair follicles, the more they are fed. If you want to learn my powerful secret for turbo charging blood flow to your hair follicles, download my eBook today . You’ll also learn about the key amino acids that build strong, thick, shiny hair, how to reduce your stress levels and anxiety, how to improve your liver efficiency and you’ll learn about The Alternation Method , which provokes your body to send nutrients to your hair all day long and all night.