How to Grow Longer Hair, Overnight -

How to Grow Longer Hair, Overnight

Make your hair grow super fast overnight There are a few key nutrients that make hair grow like crazy. When you know what they are, how to use them and how to get them to your hair, your hair will literally grow longer overnight. But not just tonight; every night and every day. If you […]

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Last updated: Feb 18, 2020

Make your hair grow super fast overnight

There are a few key nutrients that make hair grow like crazy. When you know what they are, how to use them and how to get them to your hair, your hair will literally grow longer overnight. But not just tonight; every night and every day.
If you want rapid hair growth, thicker, shinier and more lustrous hair you have to do two simple things: increase your consumption of several key amino acids and increase the amount of blood flowing through the tiny blood vessels at the surface of your scalp.
Your hair is made almost entirely of keratin, which is made of amino acids. By massively increasing your consumption of the nutrients that build keratin you can massively speed up hair growth and hair thickness. The same nutrients also improve the appearance of your skin and nails.
Superfast hair growth guide
I’m the author of 4 books about hair loss. I’ve been researching hair growth for over ten years. What I don’t know about making your hair grow, isn’t worth knowing.
There are tonnes of myths on the internet. Butre what I’m about to show you, really works. Just follow my instructions precisely and your hair will grow faster, get much healthier and may even get thicker.

Step 1: Give Your Hair Ultimate Nutrition

Increase nutrient supply to hair

Cysteine is considered to be one of the main factors involved in hair growth

Your hair is made of a protein called keratin. Keratin is made of amino acids and sulphur. The biggest component of your hair is an amino acid called cysteine. Several studies have revealed that certain amino acids cause your hair to grow faster. The most important ones are cysteine, lysine and taurine.
Supplementing your diet with these amino acids has shown increased hair growth and improved hair health in several studies.

Cysteine: the key to mega hair growth?

Recent studies have suggested that a diet poor in cysteine or various health problems causing malabsorption of cysteine might be one the causes of hair loss.

Biotin Silica cysteine supplement for hair growth
It’s worth noting that a lack of cysteine causes hair loss and on the other hand, high levels of cysteine seem to help make hair grow faster. It might be the case that you lack cysteine, which has resulting in your hair growing more slowly than you want.
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Why do so many Far Eastern women have really great hair?

Asian woman long hair

fewer cases of male pattern baldness in Asians might be due to their diet being rich in L-Lysine

Studies have shown that the amino acid lysine has a direct impact on hair growth and guess what… Asian diets are rich in lysine.
Here’s an extract from my research on lysine:

Studies on animals showed that lysine may be the key to better hair. Wool follicles and fibres of pre-ruminant lambs that were fed a diet containing little lysine experienced abnormalities such as: incomplete keratinisation, distortion of fibres and partial degradation in the distal parts of the follicles. When the animals were returned on a diet rich in lysine, their hair structure improved rapidly, but abnormalities were still observed in older fibres. (Chapman et al., 1983)

What does this mean? It means:

  1. People with a diet high in lysine are likely to have healthier hair that grows faster
  2. People with a diet low in lysine are likely to have unhealthy hair that grows poorly

The answer? Eat foods rich in lysine:
Organic beef food high in iron

  • Meat
  • Fish like salmon and tuna and Seafood like shrimp
  • Soya foods like tofu and soy beans
  • Seeds and nuts
  • Eggs
  • Beans
  • See here for a list of foods with lysine quantities.
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    Soy and chili peppers

    Soy Isoflavones
    Studies show there is also a connection between ‘soy isoflavones’ and capsaicin (the chemical that gives peppers their heat). A diet rich in soy isoflavones and capsaicin is thought to increase the amount of ‘equol’ produced in the body. Equol is apparently what makes Far Eastern people look youthful in their old age.
    It also appears that the combination of soy isoflavones, capsaicin and green tea may have a powerful protective effect on hair, preventing hair loss. This may explain why hair loss rates are much lower in regions of the Far East where the people still eat traditional dishes and drink green tea.
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    Taurine: turbo charge your hair growth

    The observations concluded that taurine protects the hair follicle from the effects of (TGF)-β1 as well as promoting hair survival

    You may be familiar with taurine. It’s an ingredient in Red Bull energy drinks — probably the only ingredient that’s good for you! And it’s really good for you.

    Another study on taurine supplementation in the treatment of women with hair fragility shows the potential benefits of a systematic taurine supplementation; the study was conducted on 20 women with ages between 20 to 68 years who had fine hair and decreased hair thickness and shows that daily oral intake of taurine 150mg, Catechin 75mg and Zinc 15mg is beneficial to hair health. 11/12 women showed increased hair diameter from 0,040 to 0,045 μm while 6 other women showed an increase from 0,040 to 0,043 μm. (Tosti et al., 2007)

    Take these three supplements daily with your three meals. Taurine with breakfast, lysine with lunch and cysteine with dinner.
    By increasing your intake of these amino acids you may have a direct impact on your hair growth. However your hair also needs many other nutrients in order to grow, including biotin and iron. An iron deficiency is one of the more common causes of hair loss in women and may be the reason your hair isn’t growing as fast as you want it to.
    To get all the nutrients your hair needs to grow healthy and strong, try to eat green salad leaves like spinach, kale, rocket, watercress and so on every day. An easy way to do this is to put a bag of baby leaf greens into a blender with some water and some strawberries for flavor and drink two glasses a day.
    Make your hair grow faster
    The easiest way to maximize nutrition for your hair is to drink a special hair growth smoothie I developed, which you can make at home. To learn about my powerful hair growth smoothie check out my NKI Method for boosting hair growth.

    Ultimate foods for hair growth

    Organic beef food high in iron
    B vitamins and protein are the best foods for feeding your hair and the richest sources of these nutrients are meat and fish — particularly shell fish.
    Try to include foods from this list of the 15 best foods for hair growth in your diet every week.

    Step 2: Give Your Hair Ultimate Protection

    The key to shiny hair is having unbroken hair. As soon as your hair breaks it will not shine, because that shine is created by the hair having a flat surface

    If your hair breaks and splits you have to get it trimmed to keep it looking nice. However, this means you can’t grow your hair as long as you want it. So you need to prevent your hair from breaking. This is easy. Again science comes to the rescue.
    As I said, hair is made of protein. When it get’s damaged, bits of protein are broken away from the hair. This prevents your hair from looking shiny. The key to shiny hair is having unbroken hair. As soon as your hair breaks it will not shine, because that shine is created by the hair having a flat surface. When it breaks, little bits of keratin break away making the surface rough, so it doesn’t reflect light.
    If your hair is dry and brittle you need to go to extreme lengths to protect it. Step 1 (above) is the best thing you can do because it makes your hair stronger from within and therefore more resilient to breaking. However, in the meantime, we need to protect your hair to prevent breakage until the amino acids start to take effect.
    Take these steps:

    1. Never brush your hair when it’s wet (water makes your hair more fragile)
    2. Towel dry your hair gently by smoothing the towel over your hair to rub off moisture, then leave it to dry naturally. If you want to use a hairdryer, make sure you put a strong hair protection cream on first
    3. Only suse straighteners if you’ve applied a very good pre-straightening treatment.
    4. Only ever tie your hair up loosley. Tightly pulling on your hair can cause traction alopecia, which is the last thing you want. It also stretches the hair, making it more fragile, therefore more succeptable to breakage.
    5. If you can avoid it, don’t wear tight hats or other head gear. Again, this makes the hair more fragile.

    How to get superfast hair growth

    Use these video tutorials to make your hair grow as fast as possible. These are all created by people who have used the techniques being explained.

    The inversion method

    Make your hair grow faster with the inversion method
    Increase blood flow to your scalp so that more nutrients flow to your hair, feeding it and accellerating hair growth.

    Indian secrets to long hair

    Indian secrets to growing long hair
    Why are Indian women able to grow their hair so long? What is it they do that keeps their hair so healthy? Watch this video to learn the Indian secret to growing long hair.

    2 ingredient hair mask

    Hair mask to protect hair and help it grow
    Use this simple 2 ingredient hair mask to protect your hair so it can grow longer without breaking.

    The 2 minute method

    Reactivate dormant hair follicles
    The best kept secret in the hair loss industry. Learn how this remarkable 2 minute method encourages hair to grow faster, thicker and longer.