How to stop hair fall: the guide EVERYONE should read - How to Stop Hair Loss

How to stop hair fall: the guide EVERYONE should read

Regrow your hair without anyone even noticing See through vellus dormant hair follicles There’s no scaring, no dramatic overnight change. The hair just gradually gets thicker as the thousands of dormant, almost invisible hairs redevelop into normal, thicker “terminal” hairs. Work mates, family and friends will hardly notice, until one day they realise you have a full head of thick hair again.

You were never really ‘bald’

hair follicle miniaturization When you experience hair loss, the hairs fall out and are replaced with smaller, thinner hairs. This process repeats several times until the hairs become tiny, see-through “vellus” hairs. But you still have thousands of these all over your scalp. Increase nutrient supply to hair This amazing new at-home treatment reactivates the thousands of tiny dormant hair follicles that are even present in a bald scalp. See through vellus dormant hair follicles hairs-becomeing-terminal

As the treatment progresses, the tiny vellus hairs gradually get thicker, longer and regain their natural colour.

A combination of increased supply of amino acids, IGF-1 and provocation of the scalps natural healing mechanisms

nicehair hair regrowth stop hair fall The key to this new treatment is the remarkable combination of three key hair regrowth triggers:
  • increased supply of keratin building nutrients (such as amino acids);
  • increased levels of the growth hormone “IGF-1” in the scalp;
  • and the triggering of the scalps own natural cell growth mechanisms.
Combining these three key facets of hair growth is the genius breakthrough, which has made this new treatment substantially more effective than anything else.

A true breakthrough in hair regrowth science

There are five crucial factors to stopping hair loss and triggering hair regrowth:
  • Reduction of DHT in the scalp
  • Reduction of fibrosis and inflammation in the scalp
  • Increase in blood flow to the hair
  • Increase in IGF-1 in the scalp
  • Increase in cell production in the scalp
This new treatment tackles all five hair growth factors in one simple, quick treatment you can do at home in two minutes a day.

Get started

This breakthrough hair loss treatment is available now, exclusively on You cannot get this treatment anywhere else. This treatment is based on the combined research from four independent laboratories:
  • How to increase IGF-1 in the scalp, triggering new hair cell growth
  • How to massively increase keratin building nutrient supply to the hair
  • How to reduce inflammation and cell oxidation in the scalp, rejuvenating the scalp
  • How to trigger the body’s own healing mechanisms, causing dormant hair follicles to reactivate all over the scalp

This treatment won’t be available for several years as a commercially available product

Through my contacts in the hair loss industry I have advanced access to this technique. The treatment can be completed at home by anyone. It’s simple and takes just a few minutes a day. The ingredients required can be purchased online, cheaply, using my instructions. I explain everything you need to know to do exactly what I did. Just copy me exactly and you will get similar results.

Just copy exactly what I did and you’ll get the same life changing results…

…and believe me, it’s life changing. The download contains the complete instructions for the system I used to regrow my hair. Before and after ebook review Through an intensive editing process, I’ve made the instructions:
  • Concise and easy to follow
  • Logically ordered for fast, maximum results
  • Easy for anyone to use at home, on their own
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Download Contents

Step Step Name Page

Step 1: Begin the Reactivation of Dormant Hair

Send a combination of special hair growth nutrients to your scalp every morning (based on method from Oxford lab).


Step 2: The Alternation Method

Provoke a healing reaction in scalp and use IGF-1, to trigger hair regrowth (based on method from Japanese lab + method from Californian lab + my own revolutionary Alternation Method).


Step 3: Train Your Mind to Relax and Optimize Your Health

Based on NASA mind training experiment.


Step 4: Scalp Skin Reset

A method I developed in 2008, which removes impacted sebum and pollutants from the scalp, clearing pores and regenerating the scalp tissue, completely rejuvenating the scalp.


Step 5: Reduce Blood DHT Levels

Detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to safely and naturally reduce blood and scalp DHT levels.


Step 6: Increase Flexibility of the Galea Muscles

Further improve scalp blood circulation by improving the flexibility of the muscles that surround the skull.


Step 7: Improve Overall Blood Circulation

Detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to fix the damage done to your circulatory system by a high fat diet and how to vastly improve it, catalysing the effects of the other steps.


Step 8: The Perfect Diet for Hormonal Balance and Hair Growth

Healthy hormonal balance is CRUCIAL for healthy hair, skin and anxiety levels. In this step I provide you with precise instructions on how to balance your hormones and feed your hair.


Summary of The Revolutionary Hair Regrowth Methodology

Everything you need to know in one easy to follow, concise summary — like a handy “cheat sheet”.

The instructions and audio downloads work in all formats: Nice hair ebook compatibility

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