How to Straighten Your Hair WITHOUT HEAT [Tutorial] -

How to Straighten Your Hair WITHOUT HEAT [Tutorial]
Today we will go over how you can straighten your hair without any heat, and without too much hassle. This works with any type of hair, regardless of the texture of your hair or the flow of it.
Start by brushing your hair to make sure you get all of the tangles out of it, this will make sure your hair is perfect before you get started.
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Secondly, wash your hair. When washing your hair make sure you don’t use any hair masks, this could cause your hair to become stringy and greasy looking which is not exactly what we want out of this!
Carefully dry your hair with a towel (no blow-drying!) and brush it again. Use a tangle teaser to get any knots out of your hair that might have occurred while you were washing your hair, better safe than sorry.
Now we can move on to straightening the roots of your hair. Brush your hair back and put it in to a pony tail as tight as you possibly can, without hurting yourself and making sure that it remains as tight as possible.
Take a fine tooth comb and comb your hair, starting at the roots and carefully combing. Once you have combed your roots, wait about an hour for your hair to dry naturally. Don’t attempt to comb the hair that you have in a pony tail just yet, instead put that hair in a bun so that it stays as wet as possible while your roots dry.
If the rest of your hair has dried out by the time your roots have dried, spray it with a spray bottle full of water.
Now, take the rest of your hair out of a bun and let it naturally fall behind your head. Take sections of your hair, brush it, and wrap it around like a headband. Again, brush your hair so that it is smooth, and while you are wrapping it around make sure you get it as tight as you can, using a bobby pin to secure it in place.
Once you have done this to all of your hair, since this is a lengthy process, consider wrapping a scarf carefully around your hair as to not undo all of the work you just put in. Make sure that the scarf is wrapped tightly around your hair.
After a minimum of 5 hours, or overnight if you want to sleep on it, carefully take the scarf off of your hair and slowly unwrap your hair from around your head while taking out the bobby pins. Once you have carefully unwrapped your hair and removed all of the bobby pins you can happily enjoy your new-found straight hair!