How to Style Your Hair Like a Victoria's Secret Model (Tutorial)

How to Style Your Hair Like a Victoria’s Secret Model (Tutorial)

Victoria’s Secret Hair Tutorial

This style is ideal for dirty hair so then you can get lots of extra volume. Use dry shampoo from batiste and spray it all over your hair while massaging it in so that your hair absorbs all of the oils. Go on to take a tangle teaser and brush out all of the tangles in your hair and part your hair.

Take the top crown section of your hair and heat it up using a curling iron. The important aspect of this step is to make sure that your hair is really hot so that when it sets on the roller it is able to cool completely.

If your have longer hair, use jumbo rollers. If you have shorter hair it is suggested that you use medium rollers. Repeat this until all of your hair is wrapped around rollers.

After your hair has cooled, unroll the rollers carefully and fluff your hair. Use some hairspray to give your hair some more volume.