How to Treat Genetically Inherited Hair Loss -

How to Treat Genetically Inherited Hair Loss

I was searching for a good shampoo when I came across your ebook.
My question is do you think your technique can help someone who is genetically predisposed to hair loss?
I am a 26 year old woman, and all the women in my family had fine thin hair from a young age and as we get older like in our 50s it’s almost very little hair left.
So it’s not because we are stressed or have any other condition that leads to the hair loss but more because we have less hair and with age it becomes thinner.
Look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for your question.
This is a really good question because lots of people have the same assumption about hair loss – that they are genetically predisposed to hair loss and therefore that is the reason for the hair loss.

But what does it mean to be genetically predisposed to hair loss?

There are a few key underlying reasons why some people develop premature hair loss while others don’t. Understanding this is the first and crucial step to stopping and reversing your hair loss.

1. Genetic Predisposition to Weakening of Blood Circulation in the Scalp

As some people age the supply of blood to their hair follicles becomes more and more restricted. There are several reasons for this, including scalp conditions and tightening of the muscles around the skull. The solution is to treat the cause of the restriction and then to increase blood flow to the follicles to above normal levels – to compensate for past lack of nutrient supply and therefore begin the hair recovery.

2. Genetic Predisposition to Hair Follicle Vulnerability to DHT

DHT is a potent form of testosterone, created when an enzyme interacts with testosterone in various places in the body. It is present in men and women. Unfortunately, less is fully known about precisely why DHT causes hair loss. What is known is that DHT binds to ‘receptors’ in the hair follicles. When the hair sheds and regrows the new hair tends to grow smaller. After several cycles the hair can stop growing and may be so thin that it is hardly visible.
DHT is present in sebum, the scalp and the blood. It is transported to the scalp and can be made in the scalp because the enzymes (called 5-alpha reductase) are present in the scalp and in sebum. Elevated scalp sebum levels may be a sign of high scalp DHT levels.
DHT and weakened scalp circulation are the two biggest causes of hair loss that can be inherited genetically, but other causes can also arguably be inherited such as a predisposition to dealing with stress badly.
Arguably all of the causes of hair loss can in some way be attributed to the genes of the sufferer. So whatever we do to treat the hair loss, we must focus on eliminating the causes and promoting factors that help the hair grow.

How to protect and strengthen genetically weaker hair follicles

Protect hair follicles from DHT and feed the hair

Since DHT binds to hair follicles we must protect the follicles from DHT. To do this I use a potent hair growth tonic that is massaged into the scalp using a special technique that delivers the chemicals down to the level of the hair roots. Here it protects the hair from DHT and blocks 5-alpha reductase from producing DHT in the scalp.
In Step 1 of the eBook you learn how to reduce scalp sebum levels by increasing your body’s co-enzyme A levels. You also learn how to completely strip the scalp of built up sebum and other build-up that can clog the pores and prevent growth. Once you have completed Step 1 your scalp will be back in the condition it was in before the hair loss began and ready for you to start the hair regrowth program.
Later in the book you learn how to reduce blood DHT levels to reduce the amount of DHT being sent to the scalp.

How to treat genetically inherited weak scalp blood circulation

One of the most important parts of the eBook is “The Alternation Method”. It’s called this because it uses a technique of mildly damaging the scalps surface layers of skin every day before bed. In doing so the body reacts by sending blood to the surface of the scalp to heal the mild damage. No wounds are created and no bleeding occurs – only very mild damage is caused, which is healed overnight and is not visible.

Feed your hair to increase hair growth

We combine this technique with the daily use of the custom hair growth tonic and a special hair growth diet. By consuming the amino acids and supporting nutrients that are known to feed the hair and increasing blood circulation to the scalp, we send a large supply of those hair growth nutrients straight to where they are needed – to the hair roots.
Further to this we use a simple and inexpensive food (used to make a special “hair growth smoothie”), to increase ‘arginine‘ in the body, which increases blood nitric oxide levels, which helps send oxygenated blood around the body.

Catching Premature Hair Loss Early

Fortunately you have been wise enough to spot the genetic trait in your family at an early age. At your age you have the best chance of reactivating the hair follicles that have become dormant.
As hair loss progresses into later stages dormant hair follicles become much more difficult to reactivate. If you can start an intense hair nutrition program like this at an early stage you have the greatest chance of reactivating those dormant hair follicles and of increasing the thickness of the hairs.

This Program is not for Everyone

While the two minute a day hair growth technique (The Alternation Method) is very easy to perform and not time consuming, other parts of the book are harder to perform – such as the liver cleanse. You may only need to use the first 5 steps of the eBook (which are quite straight forward). However I have designed this program to be as comprehensive as possible.
Reversing hair loss is not simple. It’s not easy. And it does take some dedication. If you want to achieve results you have to put some time and effort in. Years of hair loss don’t take weeks to reverse. It can take up to six months before you start to see results.
If you’re looking for a simple fix this isn’t for you. I recommend that everyone takes this program seriously and is willing to put some time and effort in if they want to achieve results.
Many of my readers have already tried all of the common hair loss treatments and have not seen results. It’s often only when someone realizes that reversing hair loss is a very difficult undertaking that they try something like this.
I provide a 6 month no-questions asked money back guarantee. You should see results in that time. I also have a private members’ forum, which enables my readers to ask me questions and see other members questions and answers. This is available to all readers and has no fees associated with it. Additionally I am always developing the eBook and all customer get lifetime access to new edition releases at no extra charge.

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For more information view the hair loss eBook (this page also has a link to preview the eBook online).