How to Treat Sudden Hair Loss Caused by Stress -

How to Treat Sudden Hair Loss Caused by Stress

Hi, I am suffering from hair loss suddenly. Please advise. Recently I shifted my house and so I thought it may be change of water. still when I use drinking water for hair wash it continues.

Moving house, changing job, major diet changes and other major sudden changes in life often cause a sudden increase in hair loss. However it’s not likely to be because of a change in your water, it’s far more likely to be stress related.
Moving house can be quite stressful and a major sudden change in your everyday life can increase your stress levels.
Stress is such a significant cause of hair loss. It’s up there with DHT in the top causes of hair loss but it’s often underrated in it’s importance by people. I really can’t overstate how much of a difference it can make to your health and appearance to have low stress levels.
If you’re a calm, relaxed person who doesn’t worry too much about things, doesn’t get stressed out, too angry or anxious:

  • you will breathe deeply and slowly;
  • your muscles will be loose and relaxed;
  • your hormones are likely to be in good balance;
  • you will not be draining your body of nutrient resources;
  • your liver and bowels will be in better health;
  • your skin and hair will be far healthier looking;
  • you’ll get better sleep;
  • and you’ll have more energy during the day.

Stress has a huge impact on your health. It causes hormonal surges, it drains the body of nutrients needed for hair growth, it causes muscle tension that can inhibit blood flow to the scalp and it can have a damaging effect on your immune system (to name just a few things).

Conquer stress and conquer hair loss

If you feel like you suffer from above average stress levels on a regular basis, you worry a lot or often feel nervous or anxious, you need to change the way you deal with stress, if you want to stop your hair loss.
I have dedicated a chapter of my eBook to training your mind so that you react in a calm, relaxed way rather than worrying or stressing out about things. I instruct you how to use my free audio mind training programme to ‘reprogramme’ your thoughts, so stressful situations actually energize you and make you feel calm and focused.
If you suffer from high stress levels, or deal with stress badly I highly recommend you follow the instructions in my eBook and use the audio mind training programme to change the way you deal with stress, worry and anxiety.