How to use Rice Water to Repair Damaged Hair

How to use Rice Water to Repair Damaged Hair

Rice water is not only healthy for your skin but it can also be very good for your hair. The reason for it being beneficial to your hair is because the water left over from cooking rice contains a carbohydrate that can help repair any damaged hair. It can also help balance the pH of your hair.

To get the mixture you are going to rinse your hair with, take 1 cup of the rice of your choice and 4 cups of water and place them in a bowl. Wrap the bowl in plastic wrap and leave it overnight.

Put everything in the bowl through a sieve and make sure the liquid goes into a basin to prevent losing any of the precious liquid.

Apply the leftover liquid to your hair making sure that it gets deep into the roots of your hair. Leave your hair for 30 minutes.

If you don’t want to risk getting your furniture messy with the liquid feel free to wrap your hair in plastic wrap.

After the 30 minutes are up, go ahead and wash your hair as you normally would using shampoo and conditioner, let your hair dry naturally, and take a look at what you’ve created.