How Your Brain Might be Causing Your Hair Loss -

How Your Brain Might be Causing Your Hair Loss

Intelligence and hair loss
Have you ever noticed how those who are somewhat less well endowed in the intelligence department tend to have lovely thick hair? Well i have. I’ve also noticed how braniacs and genius professors tend be less well endowed in the barnet department. Have you ever wondered why that might be? Let’s examine that hypothesis for a moment.
Brainy people think more. And because masters of knowledge think faster, they have a greater capacity to visualise a wider array of potential outcomes to a given scenario, in a given timeframe. I’ve noticed this of some people. But it’s not a given. Some brainmasters go with the flow. They let the sea of observations flow over them and only set their laser focus when a match is found for a well used neuron pathway. And those individuals tend to be laid back wise owls with heavy eyelids and thick spectacle lenses.
Pi film drilling head
Then you get the chaotic genius. The type who sees everything but struggles to apply blinkers. If you’ve ever seen the film Pi, you’ll know exactly the type I mean (well worth watching by the way).
The chaotic genius can end up getting wiped out by the sea of observation. For those who match both the criteria; of higher intellect and a difficulty in blanketing the firing synapses, there is often one victim in that skirmish: their mental peace.
For some, an outcome of a stronger fishing net and an insatiable desire to catch fish, leaves them hurtling over the waves trailing on a net full of marlin. And it’s a chaotic ringo ride.

What does this all mean?

It means less B vitamins. Yes, less B vitamins. And less vitamin C. And a liver that’s processing a constant influx of the casualties of war. It’s also a pain in the neck, literally. Increased information assimilation results in increased neck and shoulder tension. Add to that, reduced availability of vitamin C and you have a recipe for reduced blood circulation to the extremities, particularly to the head.
And you know what that means…
Aristotle hair loss

Let’s examine some genius trump cards

Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin early hair loss
IQ: 165.
Struggled with conflict between evolution and religion.
Hair: Didn’t last long.

Galileo Galilei

Galileo Galilei hair loss
IQ: 185.
Looks like he had a lot of problems to deal with.
Hair: Whispy.

John Stuart Mill

John Stuart Mill
IQ: 200
Weight of the world on his shoulders.
Hair: long gone.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci
IQ: 205.
Created war machines. Had an artists soul.
Hair: there’s a reason for the hat.

Terence Tao

IQ: 230.
Hair: Good.

What does this mean for us common folk?

It doesn’t matter that much, unless…
If you’re one of those people who worries a lot and jumps like a wag-tail when a car beeps it’s horn, you may be a little tense. And that will almost certainly have a psychosomatic impact on your physical health. Maybe not now, but if the tension continues for years to come, the impact on your health will become noticeable. Stress is a killer. I believe stress has a massive impact on health. If you regularly suffer from high stress levels I strongly suggest you do something about it for the sake of your health and for the sake of your hair.
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