HR23+ Scalp Thinning Hair Serum Reviews -

HR23+ Scalp Thinning Hair Serum Reviews

What it is

HR23 hair growth scalp treatment
This product is a serum which has been developed with the main goal of preventing any further hair loss, and thickening your hair in the process. A recent study has shown that since February of 2015, the product received a 75% positive rating.

How it works

After 6 weeks of applying the product to your scalp at night and washing it out the next morning, results should begin to be noticeable. The two main ingredients that the serum includes are KGF and saw palmetto, which are both proven to prevent hair loss as well as encourage hair follicles to grow stronger hair.

Reasons for choosing it

  • A suitable product for both men and women
  • Great for thickening hair and promoting stronger hair follicles