Hyaluronic acid for hair growth and hair loss prevention: does it work?

Hyaluronic acid is the natural acid that’s already present in our bodies. It shows up in the form of fluid present in the joints and human eyes. However, when this component is used in skincare products, it helps to prevent aging by locking moisture in the skin. Scientists have recently revealed that Hyaluronic acid doesn’t only play a part in the anti-aging products but it also helps in preventing the hair loss.

Due to its moisture-locking trait, Hyaluronic acid also plays a part in controlling the hair loss. It controls the dryness of the scalp and thinning of the hair. The famous dermatologist Dr. Paradi Mimirani has claimed that HA works as a “fertilizer for the hair”. Recent research has concluded that HA not only provides a boost to hair growth, it also increases the diameter of individual hairs.

A study was conducted by Michelle R., Yagoda MD and Eugene H. Gans PhD in which participants were provided with a 20gm oral dose of hyaluronic acid daily and other supportive components over the duration of 60 weeks. The results showed significant improvement in hair dullness and hair dryness along with nail cracking, nail softness and nail peeling.

Doctors strongly recommend children suffering from Progeria to use HA for the treatment of their hair loss and premature aging. HA can be used by every anyone to control the signs of aging and treat the hair loss as it is suitable for every body type. Hyaluronic acid can be consumed in various forms such as supplements, injectable fillers, topical products and hair products.

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