Increase Scalp FGF7 to Promote Hair Growth -

Increase Scalp FGF7 to Promote Hair Growth

FGF7 is a growth factor which has been found in the dermal papilla and is upregulated during the growth phase of the follicle. This signifies that increasing FGF7 in the hair follicle may help increase the growth phase of the hair follicle.

Fgf7 was found to be expressed in the hair follicle. Fgf7 RNA is localized to the dermal papilla during anagen, but expression is down-regulated by the late-anagen VI stage. We have also demonstrated that addition of FGF5 protein to the culture medium changes the behavior of dermal papilla cells in vitro, indicating that they are capable of responding to FGF5. Together with previously published data, these results provide a complete analysis of FGF ligand and FGF receptor-tyrosine kinase gene expression in the hair follicle, and suggest that FGF signalling may have several functions in the hair growth cycle.

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