How to Instantly Add Volume to Mens Hair -

How to Instantly Add Volume to Mens Hair

How to Add Volume to Your Hair

Instead of washing your hair everyday using shampoo and conditioner, cut down to doing that once or twice a week and instead just using water to clean your hair everyday. When it comes to drying your hair, don’t blow dry it. Instead simply use a towel to dry it to stop you hair from being damaged, which is important in the careful styling process.
There are 2 hair products we are going to use in this process:
- Redken Iron Silk 07
- Platinum Strength Heat Protection Spray.
‘Redken Iron Silk 07’ is completely optional, whereas the ‘Platinum Strength Heat Protection Spray’ is necessary. Once you have applied both of these to your hair, blow dry your hair using the hot setting and blow your hair in the direction you want your hairstyle to go in, I recommend upwards. The reason for this is that if your hair will not fall back down, which is a common problem when it comes to styling your hair.
Once you have done this, apply a small amount of volumizing hair wax to your hair and style it in a way you’d like. Simple!