Is anxiety causing your hair loss?

Is anxiety causing your hair loss?

Evidence strongly suggests that stress is a major underlying cause of hair loss. Anxiety is a type of stress that comes in a variety of forms. Anxiety at low levels is a common part of daily life for everyone. For example you might feel some very minor anxiety that you’ll be late for work. Or you might fell anxious about affording to pay all your bills this month.

These levels of anxiety are normal and are essential for making progress in life. Without a small amount of anxiety we wouldn’t do anything in life because we would have no worries. However, if you feel elevated anxiety levels in seemingly irrational situations you may have an anxiety disorder or be bordering on one.

Anxiety disorders are quite common but due to the nature of the disorders, sufferers are often too nervous to tell anyone what they are going through.

Anxiety and hair loss

Anxiety doesn’t just make you feel terrible in your mind, it also has a physical effect on your body. There are obvious and immediate physical symptoms such as increased heart rate and nausea but some sufferers may also experience longer term symptoms that occur as a direct result of the anxiety.

Anxiety attacks trigger the ‘fight or flight’ response. This causes surges of adrenaline in the body and gets the heart rate up. Not only does anxiety cause surges of adrenaline, it can also cause prolonged elevated levels of adrenaline and cause hormonal imbalance.

Increased adrenaline production drains the body of essential vitamins needed for the hair and skin. This is one of the reasons why when someone is stressed out, anxious or hasn’t had much sleep, their skin can look greasy and their hair can look lack-luster.

Anxiety and stress also cause increased muscle tension, particularly in the shoulders. This can decrease blood flow to the scalp. Good blood flow to the scalp is essential for hair growth because the building blocks of hair are transported to the scalp via the blood stream.

What can be done to stop this?

You can try all the different hair loss treatments available but until you cure your anxiety, your hair and skin will continue to suffer. If you suffer from higher than normal levels of anxiety it might be that this is the root cause of your hair loss.

If you don’t stop the anxiety you won’t stop the hair loss.

If you want to reduce your anxiety to sensible levels you need to use all the weapons at your disposal to defeat it. To learn how I stopped my anxiety and as a result stopped my hair loss, download my eBook today. With it you’ll also receive my programme of audio files that help you think more positively, thus reducing your anxiety levels, until eventually, anxiety becomes a distant memory.

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  1. hello I just wanted to ask a few things about hair loss. I went on a severe crash diet from Feb untill June and after i noticed my hair really falling out. I stopped the diet in june and have returned to eating healthily, do you think this is the cause of my hair loss and will it ever grow back? Thank you

    1. Hi there,

      Yes there is a good chance that a major crash dieting phase could cause temporary hair loss, by causing your body to go into a mode of stress that makes it conserve nutrients for essential body functions (hair growth is not one of these). By resuming a normal diet while compensating by increasing your consumption of nutrients for hair growth you can reverse this process. However you should follow some steps to increase your body’s ‘prostaglandins’ to normalize your hormonal balance. Going through an extreme crash diet can change your body’s metabolic rate and hormonal balance. It could even effect your liver, depending on what you were eating during the diet.

      It’s worth starting a plan to get your body into optimal health using a few simple superfoods and a well balanced nutrition programme. This is all outlined in the nutrition chapter of my eBook.

  2. My husband, 2 kids and myself moved cross country 20 months ago. Two weeks after arriving, I developed migraines, all over muscle twitches, and have been didagnosed with depression and anxiety. Is it common that my hair loss is in the crown and overall, my hair is constantly breaking off to the point of disaster? I recently noticed the thinning on top of my crown and am devastated. How do you know if it’s stress?

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