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Is conditioner bad for your hair?

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Last updated: Feb 17, 2020

Is conditioner bad for your hair>
Conditioners are marketed as great for your hair. According to ads they moisturise your hair, make is smoother, protect it from breakage and even repair split ends. But is any of this actually true or is it just marketing hype?

‘Healthy looking hair’

A lot of hair conditioner adverts make a point of saying their products give you healthy looking hair. But do they actually give you healthy hair?
Well the answer is no. They don’t. The vast majority of conditioners that you see in supermarkets and high-street stores don’t do anything to improve the health of your hair. All they do is coat your hair in special conditioning chemicals, which can make your hair look shiny because they fill in damaged parts of the hair and increase reflective surface area on the hair shafts.
However, if you want to truly make your hair healthier, no amount of conditioner coated on to your hair is going to work, ever. End of story. You’re merely masking truly unhealthy hair. It’s far better to actually make your hair healthier and naturally shiny.

So how do you do that?

The only way to improve the health of your hair and make it naturally shiny is to feed it via the bloodstream. By feeding your hair with high levels of natural amino acids and supporting nutrients, every day for several months, it will gradually become shinier and healthier until you don’t even need to use conditioners. Of course, then, if you decide to use conditioner as well, your hair will look even better.

But can conditioner actually be bad for your hair?

Ok, despite everything I just said, providing you use a good quality conditioner made with natural, nutritious ingredients, conditioning your hair won’t do it any damage. Take a look at this list of some of the world’s best conditioners to see what I mean by good conditioners.
But what if you’ve been using a cheap conditioner for years and years? And when I say cheap I mean Pantene cheap not supermarket basics cheap. Well, the problem with cheap conditioners, is they use manufactured chemicals to coat your hair. While that might make your hair look shiny, it may also be coating your scalp and filling your pores with those same chemicals.
While no study has be completed that suggests conditioners can have adverse effects, growing numbers of people are realizing the potential harm of coating your skin in chemicals like sodium lauryl sulphate and Dioxane – two toxic chemicals that are extremely common in supermarket sold shampoos and conditioners.
For more info on this check out 5 Potentially Toxic Ingredients in Your Shampoo and Conditioner and 5 of the Most Common Toxins you Don’t Want in Your Hair Products.

What is the answer?

If you’re concerned that your conditioner is just masking unhealthy hair by coating it in chemicals, try washing your hair and not using conditioner afterwards. Leave your hair to dry naturally. How does it look? If it looks great then stop using conditioner. If it looks bad then ask yourself; has your hair always looked that bad or has it got worse over the years?
There are better ways to make your hair shiny, healthy and beautiful without using conditioners, hair sprays and frizz oils that might even be making your hair worse. The best answer is not to mask your hair, to make it “healthy looking”, it’s to make it truly healthy from the inside.

But how do you do that?

First off, scrap your cheap, chemical loaded conditioner and swap it for one of these organic conditioners. Use a little less to make it last longer and the price difference will be less than $10 a year.
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