Is it possible to regrow hair on bald head? -

Is it possible to regrow hair on bald head?

In this day and age, how is it possible that there is no total, absolute cure for hair loss? I’ll tell you why. Everyone has been looking in the wrong place.

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Last updated: Feb 8, 2020

For years researchers have been trying to revive dying hair follicles; with very little success. But in recent years, several research groups, have been approaching the problem from a different angle:

Instead of trying to revive dying and dormant follicles (the ones that have miniaturised due to androgen hormones) we’ve found a way to generate entirely new hair follicles.

The reason none of the popular hair loss treatments actually make your hair regrow is that once an area of the scalp has become completely bald, the follicles in that area are scarred beyond repair. This is called scarring alopecia and is the most common form of hair loss. It’s almost certainly what you have.

Scarring alopecia (more commonly known as male pattern baldness) is characterised by a receding hairline, bald patch on the crown and eventually total baldness on the top of the head, while the back and sides remain largely unaffected.

Tight shiny scalp

When you experience scarring alopecia, usually the scalp skin becomes tight and perhaps shiny. This is characteristic of the micro-scarring (fibrosis) that has destroyed the hair follicles. Essentially the scalp tissue (including the follicles) has become damaged beyond repair.

And that is the reason no hair loss treatments work!

Once the hair follicles become scarred in this way, they gradually miniaturise over several years until the scarring becomes so bad that the hair no longer grows at all and the scalp skin becomes tight and shiny (much like the surface of a scar or old graze).

A far better approach

Instead of wasting time trying to revive the scarred follicles, a far better approach is to heal the scar tissue and generate fresh new hair follicles.

This is the approach I use to generate new hair follicles and grow new hair. And it’s a method that can be completed at home, without requiring any surgical procedures.

How it works

The scalp tissue on a bald scalp (or bald scalp area) is scarred. Therefore, in order to generate new hair follicles, we need to break down the scar tissue and generate new, healthy, unscarred tissue.

Hair follicles are a naturally occurring element of skin tissue. When new skin grows, new hair follicles are also generated. So what we need to do is create tiny micro-wounds in the scalp skin using a device called a Dermaroller, which is designed to heal skin scars.

The Dermaroller works by gently wounding the scarred tissue, provoking the skin to generate fresh new healthy tissue.

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We have to do this in order to generate new hair because the existing tissue is too damaged to ever generate new hair. Therefore it makes sense that instead of trying to grow hair follicles in damaged tissue (which is impossible) we generate entirely new tissue and with it new hair follicles!

That is the genius of hair follicle neogenesis as it’s called. It wasn’t my idea and I can’t take credit for inventing it. It’s hard to say exactly who first experimented with this new method of hair restoration but Dr George Cotsarelis is usually cited as the father of hair follicle neogenesis.


Dr. George Cotsarelis, Chair of the Department of Dermatology at the University of Pennsylvania & Follica Scientific Co-founder

How to do it

Dermaroller for hair loss

First of all you’ll need to purchase a Dermaroller, which you can order from Amazon for around $15. Then you’ll need to create a special mixture of growth factors and peptides, which you’ll apply to your scalp in order to generate new hair follicles.

It’s an extremely easy process and only takes a few minutes, once per week. However I recommend downloading my full instructions in order to complete the method properly.

Sign up to my email newsletter to learn more and if you’d like to purchase a pre mixed solution of the growth factors and peptides, please contact me. I bulk buy these chemicals as they are not commercially available. So I’m able to sell them at the much smaller quantities an individual needs.