Is it possible to reverse traction alopecia (hair loss caused by tight braids, weaves, etc)? -

Is it possible to reverse traction alopecia (hair loss caused by tight braids, weaves, etc)?

I am afraid that i may have traction alopecia from wearing braids and putting chemicals in my hair so now my sides are ruined. My question is, is there any way lost hair follicles can be revived?

Yes, to some extent. First of all stop tying your hair up tightly right now and don’t braid your hair. Never wear your hair so tight that you can feel the hair being pulled away from the scalp. This ‘trains’ the hair bulb to grow closer and closer to the scalp surface, until eventually the bulb is no longer able to receive nutrient supply from the bloodstream and stops growing.
Follow my instructions carefully
Every day, once or twice a day, massage the area of your scalp that has been affected by the traction alopecia. Make sure your hands are clean – wash them well before beginning the massage. Massage for 15 minutes each time.
The aim of the massage is to increase the elasticity of the skin you are massaging. So you want to move the skin around with your fingers, encouraging it to warm up and become more elastic and flexible. Don’t slide your fingers over your scalp – just wobble your scalp around as much as possible, without pulling on the hair. If you can’t perform this massage without pulling on the hair, massage around the hair.
Doing this will help increase blood circulation in the scalp, which will help bring nutrients to the hair. Some of the effected hair will have started growing closer to the scalps surface. So we want to increase the skins elasticity, warm the skin and increase blood circulation in order to help the hair grow deeper again.
It’s possible that with time, if you stop pulling your hair tight and concentrate on improving the skins elasticity and promoting blood circulation, that the hair will start to regrow.