Is this information relavent to female hair loss as well as male hair loss? -

Is this information relavent to female hair loss as well as male hair loss?

My eBook focuses largely on hormone based hair loss. Hormonal imbalance is one of the the underlying cause of ‘androgenic alopecia’ (hair loss relating to the male sex hormones). However my instructions are in fact highly relevant to female hair loss sufferers as well.
Achieving well balanced hormones is vitally important for healthy hair growth. However this can be more difficult for men due to overwhelmingly large amounts of DHT (the primary cause of male pattern baldness) produced in some men. For women though, DHT is less of a problem. Therefore achieving hormonal balance in women (with regard to hair growth) is less of a challenge, than it is for men.
For women I believe other factors are more important for stopping hair loss and regrowing hair. These are stress and diet. I devote a chapter to each of these subjects, dealing with them in as much detail as possible.
If you can alleviate stress to a good level, your body will start working with far greater ease and efficiency. This will benefit your digestive system and your hormones. If your diet includes a massive abundance of all the right ‘building blocks’ for hair growth AND nutrients required for the prolonging of the hairs growth phase, your diet will help prevent hair shedding and increase hair growth.
These are all important factors for women. Achieving the correct balance in your body and treating your scalp so that it becomes the correct, healthy environment for hair growth is how I and my eBook readers have stopped hair loss and regrown hair.
You’re quite welcome to try it and if it’s not for you, collect your refund. None of my customers have ever asked for a refund and I believe that is because my eBook is quite simply the most comprehensive guide to stopping hair loss naturally, from the comfort of your home.
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