Is this the greatest breakthrough in hair loss research? -

Is this the greatest breakthrough in hair loss research?

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Last updated: Feb 13, 2020

It sounds too simple to be this effective: an at-home hair loss treatment, which uses the body’s natural healing mechanisms to generate entirely new hair follicles in the scalp.
It’s called ‘hair follicle neogenesis’. It’s a simple method, which provokes the scalp to generate new cells, including skin cells and hair follicle cells, which can develop into full-grown hairs. And it can be done at home at very little expense.
That’s why thousands of young men from the world’s most popular hair loss forum have recently started using the method — in fact, it’s become the topic of the biggest discussion thread in the history of the forum.
Hair follicle neogenesis
The simplicity of the method is what makes it so ingenious:
If you take a very close look at the inside of your forearm you’ll notice that even though it seems to be free of hair, it’s actually covered in thousands of tiny little transparent hairs. Look very closely under a good light and you should see them.
Vellus dormant hair
Almost all of your skin is covered in these tiny hairs — with the exception of your palms and the soles of your feet.
When skin tissue grows it develops both skin cells and hair follicles. (This is a very important point).
When you lose your hair, your scalp skin tissue changes. It becomes ‘fibrotic’. That means the follicles become scarred due to inflammation.
Shiny scalp
You’ll notice that bald men have tight, shiny scalps (as illustrated by Patrick Stewart in the photo). That’s because their scalp skin has become fibrotic, meaning hair can no longer grow, because the tissue is too damaged.

You’ll notice that when you get a cut or bad graze, if a scar forms, the scar is often shiny and tight. That’s similar to what has gradually been happening to your scalp hair follicles over the years. Your scalp tissue is becoming shiny and fibrotic.
Once your scalp tissue has become damaged like this, your hair can never grow again.

The current model of AGA suggests that ‘micro inflammation’ in AGA might trigger apoptosis and perifollicular fibrosis which in turn causes hairs to miniaturize and shed.
Dr Jeff Donovan

This is where the genius of hair follicle neogenesis comes in.

Hair follicle neogenesis
Think about it: if hair won’t grow because your scalp tissue is too damaged, the answer is to heal your scalp tissue. Or more precisely, to gently break down the damaged scalp tissue provoking your body to heal the tissue, generating new skin cells and new hair follicles.
As I mentioned earlier, when skin tissue grows, it doesn’t just generate skin — it also generates hair follicles — because hair follicles are a naturally occurring part of skin tissue.
Dermaroller for hair loss
So all we need to do is very gently damage the scalp tissue using a device called a Dermaroller.
This very mildly damages the tissue. As a result, the tissue must be repaired to heal the wound. When it’s repaired, new skin tissue is generated. The new skin tissue is healthy and not scarred. Therefore the new tissue will contain brand new hair follicles. This is the elegant simplicity of hair follicle neogenesis.
Michael before and after hair loss
But wait a minute. Before you run off to buy a Dermaroller there are one or two crucial things you need to understand.
Using a Dermaroller alone doesn’t make your hair grow back. Unfortunately, once your scalp skin has stopped producing terminal (full size) hairs, it rarely just starts growing them again — unless you use a very special method to alter the conditions in your scalp environment.
You need to increase a growth factor in your scalp. In addition to this, you need to feed your scalp with a special combination of amino acids, which have been shown to rapidly accelerate hair growth.
In fact, you have to take five crucial steps to heal your scalp, making it capable of terminal hair growth again:

  1. Gently break down the fibrotic scalp tissue (hair cannot grow until you do this)
  2. Generate new healthy tissue (we have to generate new tissue in order to generate new, healthy hair follicles)
  3. Introduce a growth factor to initiate hair follicle neogenesis (this ‘tells’ the follicles to grow full size, via a chemical signal transmitted via cell receptors)
  4. Provide the raw ingredients (the amino acids) your body needs to produce hair keratin (studies show this makes hair grow thicker and faster)
  5. Eliminate the underlying cause of scalp inflammation and fibrosis (otherwise hair loss just happens again to your newly generated follicles)

Download the instructions

To download the instructions to my method and view the before and after photos, click the link below.
Download my full instructions to use my method today.