Is this the true underlying cause of hair loss? -

Is this the true underlying cause of hair loss?

Everyone thinks DHT is the cause of hair loss.
But did you ever think to ask why reducing your DHT levels also reduces your hair loss?
That’s the question you should have been asking all along. Because the answer is extremely important — and knowing the answer, might even save your life.

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Last updated: Sep 25, 2023

If you’ve read my previous articles you’ll know by now that people with elevated cortisol levels are at greater risk of heart disease, stroke and other diseases associated with high blood pressure. And elevated cortisol leads to elevated DHT, which causes hair loss.

The Noble Prize winning research

Telomeres hair loss
You may have read my article about the Noble Prize-winning research, which uncovered the unequivocal link between stress and telomere shortening — and that people with shorter telomeres tend to die younger.
BioGaia L. Reuteri ATCC PTA 6475
You may have also read my article about the research that discovered hair growth increases by up to 1200% when L Reuteri gut bacteria is introduced into the digestive tract.

All of this is linked

And it’s really important you understand the link. 
Through no fault of your own — just by living a regular life — you may be destroying your health.

Hair loss is just a symptom

Elevated cortisol, poor gut bacteria health, calcification, inflammation and cholesterol are all contributing to the destruction of your health — and hair loss is nothing more than a minor symptom of these serious underlying problems. To optimise your health, improve your mental well-being, increase your life-span and reverse your hair loss you need to eliminate these underlying problems.
Properly treating the underlying causes is a far better way to solve a problem than merely treating one symptom of the root cause.
Unfortunately, the root causes of hair loss — cortisol > DHT > inflammation > calcification, etc — all cause irreversible damage to the scalp — in the form of fibrosis. When I say irreversible, I mean that this damage will not be healed by the body on its own.

That’s where the genius of hair follicle neogenesis comes in.

In order to reverse hair loss we need to do two very important things:

  1. Eliminate the underlying causes, so they no longer cause increased fibrosis in your scalp, whuch detroys your hair follicles
  2. Regenerate your scalp tissue so that new, healthy scalp tissue grows in place of the fibrotic tissue

Since healthy scalp tissue contains hair follicles, by generating new scalp tissue, new hair follicles are generated as part of the healing process. This is called hair follicle neogenesis.

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