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Jason Statham with Hair: What He Looked Like With Hair

Famous actor Jason Statham lost his hair before he was a famous Hollywood actor, so very few people have ever seen him with hair. Ever wondered what he looked like? Here it is…

jason statham with hair

Looking back at how he looked it’s hard to believe he became a famous Hollywood actor and married a supermodel. I guess he’s really good at talking? Or maybe he knows hypnosis?

Why did Jason Statham lose his hair so young?

Some people are unlucky to lose their hair very young. But despite people saying ‘they’re just unlucky’ or ‘it’s genetics’, there’s actually always a good reason why people lose their hair very young and it has to do with three things:

  1. The androgen hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) — which is made from testosterone;
  2. The stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline; and
  3. inflammation in the scalp

Jason Statham thick beard

You can see by looking at Jason he has very thick facial hair — this means he had very high levels of the DHT hormone as a young man, which can cause premature hair loss.

Old Pictures of Jason Statham with Hair

It’s really hard to find any picture of Statham with hair, but for a brief period he was relatively well known as a professional diver, so there are a few pictures of him performing at competitions:

jason statham young diver with hair

jason statham with hair 2

jason statham with short-shaven hair before hair loss

jason statham before he lost his hair