Jojoba Oil for Hair Growth: How Does it Work? -

Jojoba Oil for Hair Growth: How Does it Work?

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Last updated: Feb 19, 2020

Organic jojoba oil

When we notice our hair has become unhealthy or is falling out we all rush to find something that will make our problem go away as quickly as possible. Sadly, most of the time the products that are most readily available have so many chemicals in them that the problems may escalate.
Jojoba oil either comes as an oil or a wax that you can apply to your scalp. The product can be massaged into the scalp and left on overnight, or rinsed out after 30 minutes.

A study completed by the University of Maryland Medical Center showed that in the cases of men and women who suffered from hair loss, one of the natural treatment methods that included the use of jojoba oil resulted in marked improvements in the growth of new hair follicles in the patients2. This can be attributed to the chemical make-up of jojoba oil, which resembles the natural oil produced by the scalp and helps regulate and moisturise the scalp which stimulates growth.

Another study reveals that a when combination of essential oils and a jojoba oil massage treatment were administered to a group of patients suffering from alopecia, at least 44% of the patients using the treatment option with jojoba oil saw an improvement in their hair growth3.

Jojoba oil has a chemical makeup that is similar to that of the oil produced by the scalp (sebum). This sebum helps to moisturise the scalp preventing it from becoming dry. Jojoba oil helps in much the same way by preventing the scalp from becoming too dry.

However, too much sebum may be detrimental to hair growth. Jojoba oil also works wonders for hair growth by acting as a cleanser. Too little sebum may result in dry, brittle hair, but too much sebum may lead to the clogging of pores which may repress hair growth. Jojoba oil comes into play by helping cleanse the pores.

Another possible cause of stunted hair growth is bacterial or fungal infection of the scalp. Most people will never be aware that they have a fungal infection unless serious problems become apparent. To prevent these infections, regular massages of jojoba oil may help. Jojoba oil will not only improve the blood circulation in the scalp but will also help fight against any infections and so promote healthy hair growth.

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